Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Large Reversible Tote Bag

Two tablecloths, now one bag. Thrift shops are great sources forhand embroidered tablecloths-- I like to imagine that this is how women spent their spare time before the days of facebook, blogger, and stumbleupon. Poor, impoverished souls ;)

And they took it just as seriously as we do- carefully stitching beautiful flowers and butterflies
onto crisp white cotton. After that, they couldn't stand the idea of kids spilling borscht on it, because most of these cloths are spotless.
These women must have had a drawer like my mother did-- full of all the NICE cloths, dish cloths she's gotten for Christmas, and tea towels that her sisters had gifted her. Apparently, those items are not to be used. They are to be held in a drawer until one's late eighties; at which point some less respectful offspring carts them off to a thrift shop where they can be purchased for .50 and cut up for tote bags.
I do appreciate your hard work, anonymous needler. And so will the people of Darfur.

The tablecloth's yellow edging was employed as embellishment around the bag's opening.
Base of bag: ~12" across.
Center width: 18".
Height: 17".
Fully reversible.
Practical- you can use this for shopping, kid stuff,----- lotsa stuff.
Sometimes I prefer to use a tote bag when I'm feeling willy nilly and can't be bothered with the pseudo-organised state of a messenger bag.
Just chuck it in, and go. That's what I say.
$25- Cdn to start.
Auction ends today, January 20, 2010, at 9:30 pm, cst.


tanya said...

You know I have a weakness for flowers. $25

Karen said...

Lovely Joyce. I was telling my mother-in-law about the bags, and I think she was a little offended that her daughter-in-law has not yet won one for her. I think she'd love this one. $30.

But I'm still hangin' in there for one that may be in the works. :)

Karen T.

Karla said...

This bag is screaming spring. And we could all use a little dose of that - even with this glorious weather.

Janice said...

I spent time embroidering as a young girl, never as a woman. It was right up there with ironing - me wanting to do what the big girls did. WOW, times have changed.

This bag is too nice to use for shopping - I can't do white, it gets too dirty too fast. But, it is beautiful, as always.

I also like the tree branch. How did you enjoy being branch manager? (GROAN!!)

joyce said...

Karen- I think you've just won some ma-in-law points!

Rosa said...

I'd recognize that bent thumb anywhere.

Karen said...

Yaaay. She's going to be happy. Do you think she'll be so enamoured with the bag that she'll stop giving me parenting advice, at least for a little while?


joyce said...

ooooh, I dunno Karen. It may take more than a bag to pay off the mom in law. Besides, weren't her children potty trained when they were two days old?!

joyce said...

Rosa- that's not just any thumb, now is it. Brian likes to ask me which way I'm pointing because my fingers don't exactly go straight.