Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Storm Day #1 is behind us now. The first day of this winter in which school was cancelled. These types of days always make everyone in the house very happy........ except me because I don't love change. I'd prefer some notice- give me a day or two, let me know that instead of a house full of pre-schoolers, I'll get Brian and the kids, plus a couple of pre-schoolers.

I just don't know where to put my head on a day like that.
(husband is a teacher, if I'm muddling anyone).

On the theme of Peace though- I must say that the day was peaceful and pleasant. Serene, even. I don't think the boys fought (=lastborn screaming like a banchee and older brother grinning in a sly but powerful way)

Husband behaved beautifully- baked up a pound cake, played yahtzee with the banchee, and made lunch.

While he was busy, I chopped up one of his shirts for a bag strap.
Okay, not exactly. It is his shirt, but he was tired of it, so I thought of a new use for it.
I combined Brian's shirt with a flour sack type item for a fun-loving shoulder strap.

The rest of the body is made out of upholstery samples. These always provide a nice shape for the bags; not to mention great colour and design.

(kitty not included. And don't ask Brian. He'll just throw them at you.)

That small plaid pocket makes me happy. It's a piece from Made4Aid. Do you know that yesterday Lettuce and I were on facebook at the same time and had a chat about snowstorms? She lives in London, Englad, so she couldn't quite fathom that we have systems for hauling the white stuff. Its nice to think that Canada has some tourist attractions........... ;)

other side: one more pockets. That makes three on the inside.

The bag measures approximately eleven inches both ways.
It is sturdy, durable, and downright attractive.
Please begin your bids at $25- Cdn. The auction will conclude at 9;30 pm, cst.


Brian the Mennonite said...

Seriously...if anyone wants a cat, we can make arrangements. I'll even make a donation in your name to the Darfur project if you just take one...PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

I'll start - $25.00

Anonymous said...


Katie in Victoria

Anonymous said...

$35.00 - MK

gophercheeks said...

I just love this bag... that outside shingle fabric is amazing!!!

You have done it again Joyce!!

Janice said...

Another beauty. Again I am overwhelmed by your creative design.

And, yes, I want a cat. But I have dogs that may eat the cat, so I can't have one, so I won't cause any marital strife, by taking one of your cats, Joyce, even though Brian is offering.

joyce said...

Brian, who invited you?

MK- it worked! You've got yourself a peace bag.

tnank you, gopher and janice. Mostly for not taking my kitties. They bring me such joy. Husbands on the other hand............