Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buttons For Peace

Ah, the labour of love in the days before I was enlightened about the proper formation of the peace sign.

Yes, this bag of peace is Unique.

And it truly is a work of love, piecing together many bits that bring me lots of joy.
The flap base is a repurposed gingham apron. Probably a 4H project from back in the day. (were you one of the lucky ones who got 4H? My siblings did. But then it all went away, along with the two room schoolhouse that my siblings went to. I got raised a lot more like my children are. Except for all the lessons. We didn't do lessons.)
The two front pockets are from another apron. This one has a lot of fancy cross stitching on it.
More pieces of the first apron are found on the shoulder strap; along with two other apron bits, a potholder, a yellow skirt, and pj remnants.

The inside was at least as much fun to put together.
Side A's pocket is a large size hanky or napkin; I'm not sure which. Too pretty to blow the nose, I say. Side B was the result of purging a weird ziploc bag of bits that were way too much fun to just throw out: A strip of quilt, a strip of tablecloth, the top of another gingham apron, and the pocket of yet another apron. (I left the pricetag on the turquoise one. Just to share the grins ;)

The floral turquoise pocket is the pocket of an apron that actually forms three pockets. The two on the front are small and narrow- nice for a pen.
Bag size: 10.5" deep, 13" wide.
In the life of an apron- reincarnation IS a reality.
Well, rePURPOSE anyway.
Same routine as usual- start price is $25- Cdn.
Auction end time is 9:30 pm cst, today-- Tuesday, February 9, 2010.


gophercheeks said...

You're amazing Joyce!

Dancin' Momma said...

Very cute! $25

Pretty please everyone, its my birthday and I still do not have any Joyce bag love in my life! :)

Karen said...

Oh my goodness - this bag is just gorgeous!!!!

D Dae - Happy, Happy Birthday!

I feel terrible, but I can't let this bag go without an honest effort to win it - $40.


Anonymous said...

Very cool. $45.

J. from Morden

Anonymous said...

I just want to say, super cute! Reminds me of a picnic on a hot sunny day :)

joyce said...

yay J from Morden!

Anonymous said...

This bag screams F-U-N!

sister Carol