Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tote Thursday

Going shopping?
To the library?

You're going to need a bag.
Or two.

Sure, it looked great as a tablecloth. But how many baguettes and novels do you think you could hold in a tablecloth?! Besides. Who really bothers with putting laundry on their table any more? If we were meant to eat on fabric, wouldn't we just have our cinnamon buns and fettucine in bed? (no. Not together, silly.)

Doesn't that fabric look good enough to eat? There's something about those older graphics that I just cannot resist.

Not an excellent interior shot, but there's not much to see here. They are just simple bags.

These are actually among my favourite design in the bags I've hoarded for myself. The girls tend to use them a lot too. Great for absolutely anything from skates to voice lesson books; groceries to daycare walk necessities.
Bag #1 has three pockets sewn to the outside- the tablecloth graphic portion actually forms those pockets. Bag # 2 is simply a pocketless bag. The straps on each bag are reinforced numerous times. They shouldn't singe and die like a dollarama item. (although.... having said that... I have used one of those for an impressive period of time...)
Each bag measures: 17" along the top
13" along the base
14" top to bottom.
Straps are about 21" long.
Bids for two bags = $25- Cdn to start.
Auction end: 9:30 pm cst today, Thursday, February 11, 2010.


Janice said...

Way to pretty to use for groceries. Oh I am tempted - I have so many bags. No totes as pretty as those, though. But white is not too practical for me. Maybe I will come back and bid - they are oh so lovely.

Anonymous said...

ok Joyce is this a 2fer

joyce said...

indeed. two bags.

Anonymous said...

I will bid $40

Joyce said...

wow, that was generous. You could have gotten away with $25.... But thank you so much.

e-mail me at so that I know who you are!