Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Right White

Can I call this bag "Too White For Janice"?

Much of the time while I was cooking it up, I kept "hearing" Serendipitous Janice in my comment box saying; "Too white for me!"

And not in a bad way. Just cute.

Reminded me of this magazine spread I once saw of a woman languishing in a perfectly white and pink, ornately decorated living room. The article went on to explain how she had designed her home to be "family friendly" for her two sons, and her dog.


Those were either pretend children, or highly, irrevocably repressed.

(I'm getting a feeling that if I were pitching for sales..... I should really talk about something else). Never was much good at stuff like that.

Now, for women like you and I who prefer to take our pink and white living rooms with us.... Here is the bag for us! (How am I doing now?)

Seriously. What used to be a pretty tacky sweater or really short housecoat, or homemade project gone bad..... Is now a sweet bag. I found this sweater/housecoat/what-not-to-wear at the thrift shop and was immediately drawn to its perfectly unworn chenille. Gorgeous porgeous chenille. Collaged together with a few of my several trillion hankies and scraps, it turned out great.

Have you ever just looked at a hanky? I mean gazed at one? Little works of art. Simple beauty.

And they make great pockets!

Inside and out!




Just don't blow your nose on it in a pinch, ok?

11" deep, 11.5" wide.

$25- to start her off.

Auction ends at 9:30 pm, cst, tonight, February 24, 2010.


tanya said...

Too pink for me! But lovely all the same.
I saw on one of those shows where some people come in and redecorate your place (in this case a house with 2 young boys), and they used white couches. When the mother was eyeing the couches with a 'you've got to be kidding me' look, they told her not to worry, that it was okay to have white furniture, because they had removable washable slipcovers. Now maybe I'm just bad at laundry, but how easy is it going to be to keep those things clean even if you can wash them? Much smarter to have a white bag instead.

gloria said...

this one is simply dreamy joyce.

Karen said...

It's such a treat not only to see the new bags, but also to read the accompanying posts. You're purdy funny Joyce (I think you mean to be funny, right?). I think you have done a commendable sales job for the bag, notwithstanding the decorating story. :)

I'm trying to refrain from bidding for a little while (at least a few days - maybe), but I'm sure this bag will be Just Right for a lucky bidder.


joyce said...

..or "Too Pink For Tanya"
See how well I'm doing at helping you along in your spectator status?

White couches are the brainchild of a childless, thin, liposuctioned princess who simply would look ghastly in a child's sweater vest.

Alison said...

Very pretty! I will start it off at $25

Janice said...

Tote bags are different than purses. I try to be green and always use my own bags for groceries and they are mostly black, and the other coloured ones look disgusting.

However, a purse could be that white. I am very flattered to be the 2nd subject of your post.

The bag is BEAUTIFUL!!! I still can't have another one. Keep up the good work.

Kiss those children. My baby is starting to drive, and graduating from high school - it goes too fast. (Not really an entire switch of topics - I always marvel at how you make, photograph and post bags while looking after children.)

sister Laura said...

What? It's nearly noon, and the bag is only $25 ? I don't usually do pink, but something about this bag makes me go all weak and drooly. Love how you clustered the buttons. And what buttons! 30.00

Audrey said...

Oh my! So very, very pretty. Good thing I already have three bags which are perfect for me! But... this one is so tempting!

I love coming back day after day to see what you've come up with for the next bag. Your creativity is truely a gift. And your use of it and your generosity with its' results inspire me to pursue use of my own gifts. Thank you!

sister Laura said...

Did I get it? Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking some pretty little summer frock would go well with this. Would you please deliver this personally? I'd appreciate it ever so much. :)

joyce said...

Karen- thank you ever so much, and yes, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek much of the time. My family of origin has a dry, satirical sense of humour, esp my mother. She is very funny. (except when she's not...)

Janice, I still can't get over the wonder of you landing up here on the day you googled Mariatu. It just delights me.
yes, the kids. Eldest is coming up for drivers ed, looking way too gorgeous and attractive, and behaving in quite a mature manner.

too fast. didn't I just let her get up from time out?!

thanks gloria, and Alison. I just had that piece out yesterday-- the one with the poppies. yum. maybe poppies will bloom again soon?

yay Laura! I'm thinking that you'll be coming for cousin retreat? Or to my house for car crash cake?

joyce said...

oh how rude.
Sorry, Audrey.
I so appreciate what you said there. I read it yesterday afternoon, when I was feeling exhausted and discouraged.
It was perfect.\thank you.

Roo said...

pure delight white.