Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Roses

(Mariatu Janice-- Floey says; "Hello".)

If you've been following the bags4Darfur Drama... You'll know about our simultaneous branch-breaking neck and neck ties. (neckties? Great idea!)

You'll likely have heard audible gasping from your very own corner of the worldwide web, as the women of the forest rallied to bring home the branch.

Well, I'm here to suggest that all good things come to she who waits.

Even glass buttons that have been tightly clutched by yours truly until they nearly crumbled.
My greed has seen its own demise, and these perfectly crafted baubles are now yours to enjoy. I've received so much pleasure from them myself. I hope you feel as I do.


I think I have failed to mention that the branches on these bags are cut from leather samples. As in, I may never find my ideal chocolate brown leather couch at a yard sale for a hundred bucks, but I did receive leather sample swatches from the furniture store. Instead of piecing them together and making my own couch, thankyouverymuch, I cut them into branch shapes and then laid them fuzzy side up. (Is that what suede is? Upside down leather?) The effect is decidedly woodsy in a classy kinda way.

Today's branch is laid upon a bed of roses, inspired by D Dae.
Amazing what a gal can find in a million or two stacks of fabric. I never knew I had so many roses.


Yep, a bit of early morning sewing, and she's ready to hit the runway.

Hard to know what Brian is wearing to work these days. Another one of his shirts went into the top secret pocket club. The bottom hem forms two small pockets above it.
On the other side, three more pockets.

Nice neutral tones, to help you blend in with nature :)

" Coming Up Roses" measures 12.5" wide and 13" deep.

Please start your bids at $25.00 Canadian. DDae and Corrine, if you decide that you gotta have this one, then please go ahead and use your $76.00 buy-it-now option. Either way, it's all good with me. Everyone else- please don't be polite. Love it? Please bid. Otherwise I have nothing to look forward to when I check my inbox at lunch time.
Thanks everyone, for positive comments and a happy buzz over here at the bag depot.
Auction concludes tonight, March 17 (my sister's birthday!! Happy Birthday Kathy! You're the bestest!!!) at 9:30 pm, cst.


tanya said...

It's beautiful! Out of respect for my husband (who is also having a birthday today) I'll look but not bid. Besides, there's no way I'm getting involved in the drama. The sidelines are much safer.

janice said...

Hi Floey - you are beautiful. Your colours are the inspiration for the very popular branch bags. You are a lucky kitty, to have all these lovely bags to pose with - kind of like a Vogue model, except you get to wear the same thing all the time, just change your bag. And your photographer also feeds you, right?

Dancin' Momma said...

LOL I feel like the problem child at school, causing all this drama. LOL Gorgeous bag, but is Corrine not taking the first one? I am off to email her and we will hopefully figure it out. So confused!

joyce said...

there are no problems, I just decided to go ahead and make some branches because they go over well regardless. It's all the same to me who bids on them. Hopefully the polite nature of philanthropy won't tie everyone up in knots! Nobody caused anything, it was just an unusual situation of two winners and one bag!

joyce said...

Additionally, there is no preconceived notion that you OUGHT to bid $76 on this one. Not at all. Somebody should just start her off at $25- Maybe Tanya's husband. It is his birthday, after all.

Ms. Caddywumpus said...

This could be my 'dressed up' bag. I bid $35

Jenni said...


joyce said...

Atta girls. I thought maybe this one would land up at the thrift shop?!

Anonymous said...

Again the bag is exquisite, but not quite my colours...happen to have anymore of the "branches" material (blues and gray's)? JK:> I'm looking forward to seeing if Ddae or Corrine will be the one to take home this beauty!

Corrine said...

I wish we knew what was coming up because if there was one like "branches", I would take that one but if not I would like "pussy willow". I love the fabrics in "branches" too just not the size.
What to do. sigh

Cassie's Mom said...


joyce said...

........wish I knew what was coming up too. But only the scraps in stacks know that. And the little elves and bag-maker that come in the deep of the nighty-night....

Dancin' Momma said...

As a testament to Joyce's talent and eye for all things beautiful, it has amazed me how both Corrine and I fell for the same bag, but for very different reasons. I fell in love with the roses and buttons... so gorgeous. Corrine loves other things. We can not decide who gets what, but I can not risk missing out on these beautiful roses too.

I hope to save enough money in case Pussy Willow comes back my way so for now...


Corrine said...

well said!

joyce said...

Lovely. Thanks, DDae. I'll hang it on my door until the branches all fall into place.

Coldwater Mom said...

$52 please!! I love the colour and size!!

Andrew said...


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Ellenburstyn said...

It's all the same to me who bids on them. Hopefully the polite nature of philanthropy won't tie everyone up in knots! Nobody caused anything, it was just an unusual situation of two winners and one bag!

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