Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello Friends...

It seems that life has been piling up behind me lately.
In four sleeps, I send my daughter up up and away into the big grey birdie in the sky. To Europe. Over the next four days, I'd like to be less distracted. More present.

I won't be far away, but if things are kind of quiet around here, you'll know where I am. I might even be over here, finding some happy.

Peace out.

*a bit of business- For those of you following along on the branch saga, the three additional branch bags have now been posted and sold. There are no longer any trump options floating around out there, so we are back to our regular scheduled programming...


gophercheeks said...

I will be thinking of your heart over the next few days and praying for fun and safe travels for your little girl.
She will be missing you too you know!!!

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