Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tree Batik

My own take on a truly inspiring image that I stumbled upon right here: Cluck. Cluck. Sew.
Sometimes it feels like my heart is blasting right up into my throat when I see what beauty people can create out of scraps and what-not.

I used Burundi wax print batik for the leaves; a suit jacket for the tree trunk; two upholstery samples, plus a bit of vintage upholstery fabric, and a remnant for the background.

(It really looks better in reality. The lighting doesn't quite capture it here)

The side panels and front pockets are made out of a turquoise velveteen leftover from a dress (I think it was my sister's about a zillion years ago?)

Scraps of this and that make up the shoulder strap. I love the contrast of blue and green, with the surprise of brown.

I hope you love it.

The inside: Four pockets on that side; actually. Brian's rejected shirt gives us an automatic three; and there's one hidden behind for your grocery list and secret sling shot.

Two more pockets on the other side.

I'm hopeless. At some point during my great furlough and highly involved bureaucratic restructuring program; I actually cut out templates for three bag sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.
I have no idea where they are; and am back to cutting free hand.
This bag measures pretty well 12" both ways. Not exactly Large, and not exactly Medium.
But practically perfect in every way. Nonetheless. (weird, that this is one word; when really it is three words.)
Because I went out last night to celebrate International Women's Day; I stayed up too late. I could not keep my peepers open this morning at 5:45 am. I could not safely operate equipment such as Fujifilm camera and laptop.
I had to go back to bed.
Because I had to go back to bed, and did not photograph until late, late morning; this post did not get posted until well after lunch. In light of all these womanly realities, this bag will remain on the auction block until tomorrow, March 10, 2010 at 9:30 pm, cst.
Please begin your bids at a minimum $25- Cdn.
And Jenni. Get outside wearing a bag, willya? Send some more of that magic our way.


tanya said...

Just when I think I have enough bags, you have to make something beautiful! Since I'm already getting myself into trouble...$25.

The Turgeon Expansion said...

Hello beautiful. $30.

PS. Joyce, you have that the auction ends on March 19????

JayP said...

Wow! Great bag Joyce!

Who was it that made comments a week or so back about your sweater? Hope that wasn't the reason...but I notice you changed your profile photo.

You should have 'a bag' over your shoulder.

Janice P

joyce said...

ha ha Tanya. This pig is grinning.

Thank you, Rhonda. I changed it. I think I have a yet unrecognized form of dyslexia or something. Or ADD or ABC or something.

JayP I did change it. I thought that since the Christmas party did happen back in , well. Christmas season, that maybe by now people might think I ACTUALLY dress that way. Which I don't. Actually.

And its spring, so time for some change-ups.

Yeah, I should have a bag on my shoulder.

Karen said...

Oh no. I'm with you Tanya.

I'm actually not really into bags, shoes, jewelry or any such things. I am mostly just into chocolate.

But I can't help myself with these gorgeous bags.

Hey, Joyce, maybe you could make a bag completely out of chocolate, or at least make a chocolate peace sign. :)

Anyway, $40.


tanya said...

Mmmm...a chocolate bag, good idea tobink, but even better would be a bag filled with chocolate.

Karen said...

I have to concede, Tanya, your idea makes more sense.


Anonymous said...

oh my, Joyce -
you spread Happy on both your blogs.
pig C

joyce said...

pig C. Oh, that's a snorter.

Dianne said...


Did I make it on time? :)

joyce said...

girl, you have time on your hands. Almost twenty-four more hours...

Corrine said...

I love this bag! I feel like you made it just for me when I said I love trees and leaves but I needed a bit of a bigger bag on yesterdays blog. However, I fear that with it not ending until tomorrow at 9:30 this one could go above my budget. This would be perfect though for my diaper bag when we go to Ethiopia to pick up our son! And still small enough for everyday use when a diaper bag is no longer needed.
My bid is $50.00 and I'll hope and pray it stays at that price.

Dianne said...

Ahhh!! lol! And I was so proud of myself for remembering to watch the clock this time! From now on, I'll have to remember to not only watch the clock, but READ as well. :)

PamJ said...

you are so creative joyce :)

Roo said...

oh sooo beautiful. love it joyce. hey! you should consider doing a "chalk board bag"
;) ;)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the Burundi wax print, love the tree and leaves!! Colors are great!

My bid is $60 - thanks!!!

Corrine said...

I had a feeling I would be outbid. I will try again though the next time I see one I really like!

Anonymous said...

Joyce, thank you thank you!!! I love all your bags! Great job! You are very talented! My daughter and I have been watching your bags for quite some time.... Beautiful!

How do I pay you? Also, just wondering if there is a "Bags 4 Darfur" patch on the purse, I couldn't see it on the pics. Can I pay with paypal?