Monday, March 1, 2010

Wax Burundi

A little unceremonial to be posting Monday's bag at 2:45 in the afternoon. Still, one lives within the limits of time and space and batteries without early morning charge.

Pulling down my basket of African fabrics from the top shelf; I was able to use a number of favourite colours and fabrics and texture to design today's messenger bag.
Teale and olive green always make me very, very happy and content. They elicit an unconcious sigh from down in my belly. Oh, and did I mention wax batik?! Good enough to snack on.

All this went perfectly with a teale floral upholstery piece I've laid eyes on for a long time but never found the perfect bag for until now.

Pockets galore. I made four on each side on the inside, plus two under the flap.
Even I would have a harder time losing my keys and phone with all those compartments. Give me time- I will. But it might take a little longer.

I couldn't tell you what "veritable real wax" means- is there an Imposter Wax out there somewhere?
In any case, the fabric was gifted to me from a traveller to Barundi, Africa. Lovely piece it is.

12" wide; 12.5" deep.
$25.00 Cdn starting bid.
Auction ends tomorrow, March 2, 2010 at 9:30 pm, cst.


Proudmama said...

What a beautiful bag! I'd love to start the bidding at $25.


candice said...

Love it! Maybe this time...

PamJ said...

That is stunning! I will say $40.

Anonymous said...

Oh why oh why oh why did I just buy a bag??? (right, it's because I love it!)
But still.. :(

~Joi :)

Kelli Moore said...

I'll go for $40!
Love it!!

Kelli Moore said...

Darn it PamJ, how did I miss your bid? $50

PamJ said...

haha Kelli - you must be awake now!

Coldwater Mom said...

Oh please let me have this one! $57

candice said...

Oh...I still have a chance!

Janice said...

That Burundi fabric looks just as good on the bag as it does on the women of Burundi. I have actually been there.

I am so glad I got my bag fix before Christmas, as I would really like this one.

esther said...


The Turgeon Expansion said...

Bestill my heart, you beautiful bag! You girls will be LUCKY to have this one, if only I got a monthly paycheck instead of kisses from an 18 month old...

joyce said...

yay, Candice! (note to self. do not put that fabric away just yet...)

send me a note at let me know if you prefer to send a cheque or paypal and leave me your mailing address.

Dancin' Momma said...

Yes please keep this fabric out! Love the African fabrics, and if I hadn't just bought Timely Moon I would have been bidding on this beauty! :)