Thursday, March 11, 2010


Yes, indeedy. She's making plates now.
One-Hundred-and-Fifty Dollar plates.
Okay, No.
But today's bag is inspired by a plate.
Quite a lovely plate that I likely bought at the local thrift shop for a cool fifty cents.

Plus the very same inspiration that I mentioned in yesterday's Tree Batik. All dolled up with vintage bits. I'm so glad that Mrs R's friend cut out all those tiny squares and meant to sew them all up into a patchwork quilt. But never quite got around to it. This way, all I had to do was to cut the little squares into leave shapes and make a funk-dorable vine- like creation.

I took a tonne of pictures. If you are American, I took a ton of pictures.
That's because I used so very many delicious bits in this bag. I wanted every single angle to show up, so that you could enjoy that virtual fabric feast.

Brian's plaid shirt. A front pocket made of the best possible blend of colours- turquoise and moss green. A hand-embroidered table runner. The last bits of a tablecloth that the letter carrier lady at the post office gifted me.

A paisley blue and green maternity top.

That smorg of fabrics on the back? That's a table runner that I stitched together a few years ago for my living room. It didn't quite have the look that I was after; but I really love the fabrics that it contains.

Inside? A large pocket and a small pocket on each side.
My moccassin. Not part of the bag. It's the only one that I'm wearing because I haven't found the other one yet. It's been about three or four hours now. The baby really likes the beads on it, which is helpful because she also really likes the toilet, and climbing the stairs. Moccassin? Less dangerous than those other leisure time activities.

I'm particularly fond of this bag, and I hope that you are too.

KitchenWear measures 12" x 12".
It has six pockets.
Please start your bids at $25- Cdn minimum.
I'll leave it on the auction block until tomorrow, since I had such a late start. (Besides. I've run out of bags and next week is starting soon!)
Auction end: Friday, March 12, 2010. 9:30 pm, cst.


Jenni said...

Alas, I am sequestered in a dusty corner of the library writing a dusty sort of paper using the wise words of really old dead Greek guys, and while my bag accompanied me today, I'm afraid the only other people who will see it today will be library nerds like me. Sorry... no advertising today.
But that doesn't mean that I'm too busy to bid!

Dancin' Momma said...

Love it, I will kick things off at $25

Dancin' Momma said...

LOL I guess we posted at the same time Jenni!!! So I guess $30!

Anonymous said...

This bag is absolutely gorgeous...just not quite my colours...wish it was tho!!:>


Jules said...

how awesome would it be for my now teen daughter to carry a bag to school that was handcrafted by the wife of her favourite teacher ever (both school and guitar!!)!


joyce said...

yeah... but.... If You are a library nerd, and you have really great taste.... AND you have magical advertising powers....

The Sky Is The Limit!! Write those papers. Just CARRY THAT BAG!

(see? Two people bidding at the same moment. Magical).

Thank you, Bethany. Don't worry. I have roughly ten thousand pounds of fabric in other colours.

happy girl- I think I already said that you made me happy. And this compliment to the Brian man via you via your daughter... more happiness.

She's a teenager already, huh?

Jenni said...

Does Brian teach any classes at prov? I'm always looking for new favorite teachers... :)
My single social event for the week is a movie/documentary on Sunday night to raise awareness for the situation created by recent movement of the Lord's Resistance army in Sudan/the DR of Congo/Uganda/Central African Rep... I will carry the bag...

Anonymous said...

This make is my favourite so far......just my taste. I must have it!!!



Alison said...

So does the auction end Friday or March 11th? Hmmmmmm........

Anonymous said...

(a pig of very few words)

joyce said...

*sigh* thanks, Alison. I changed it. Doesn't matter how many calendars I set up, and check, and double check. I still get it wrong...

joyce said...

Jenni- is this event in Manitoba?

Anonymous said...

What time is the cutoff for the bid tomorrow March 12th and what time zone?

joyce said...

March 12, 9:30 pm, central standard time.

tanya said...

As soon as I saw the plate, I knew I'd be in trouble. Luckily you added just the right amount of pink to help me resist, while still loving it for it's beauty. Thank you.

Corrine said...

It's cute but not quite right for me. The colours just aren't me. I am kicking myself for not bidding on "branches" even though it really was too small for my needs. I just loved it!

joyce said...

Tanya. I totally did that for you. I'm glad you noticed, and that you got some free nutrients out of that plate/bag.

Corrinne- I wouldn't worry too much. Browns, tans, greys are always popular with the gals and with me. So are trees, branches, etc. And me? I'm not going anywhere. I'll just be plugging away at making more stuff!

Karen said...

The bag is gorgeous. I've looked at it about ten times today, trying not to bid on it. At least I've got tomorrow to contemplate, stew, admire, waver, covet, dream ....


Rosa said...

so many yummy bits. I have always liked that one bit running across the bottom .. Mitch has used that on some pieces before. great peice Joyce.

Jenni said...

my, my... aren't we a chatty bunch today!
yes... it's in manitoba - at my friend's house just off st. mary's in winnipeg on Sunday starting at 6.
if anyone's interested in learning more about the LRA/the child soldier situation/sub-Saharan Africa and hanging out with other people who are also interested, drop me an email at and I'll send you an address.

Anonymous said...

I love it and can't avoid any longer. $50

Anonymous said...



joyce said...

ok. Karen decided to stew and covet (thanks for that mental image- I loved it!)

Jodie loved it. (please come back!)

And Katie got it.


(in somewhat related news: Anyone ever heard of dyscalculia? After my countless issues of mixing up numbers, getting the wrong date, blahdy, blah, I did some research on the internet. Seems I scored kind of high on dyscalculia.

Yay! I have issues!!)

joyce said...

oh and Rose. I'm always honoured to have anything in common with Mitch, the brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Joyce my email is vwagongirl@shaw

I have moved since I last bought a bag from you.


Karen said...

I'm afraid coveting was as far as I could go, but congrats Katie.

And, Joyce, you should get that dyscalculia looked after - sounds painful, and contagious.


Roo said...

oh joyce. this one....this is soooo amazing!