Monday, April 12, 2010

Betty Still Lives In Boissevain

We used to live in a quirky apartment on the third floor of an old office building on tenth street. Just me, Brian, our five-years-premature-baby, and our cat named Betty.

My cat named Betty.

She was a gift from Brian. Before the nuptials.
I should have smelled a rat.

(underside of flap= remnant sent by Lettuce over at Made4Aid.)
(brown corduroy body; upholstery sample edges and pocket; straps from Patti- used to be her bedspread. I'm sure its an imported piece of fabric)

Well, I loved Betty. Almost as much as Brian hated her.
They say that if you love something; to let it go.
I thought of it more like placing Betty into protected care.
(bag. Inside out. Six pockets in total)

She went to live with Patti.

Where she lives today, at the ripe old age of 18 or 19. That's human years, not some fancy calculation of feline equivalents.

Betty isn't intimidated by the 25 or so Huskies that share her space.
Nope. Brian got her good and prepared for just about anything.
And so Betty lives on, in Boissevain.

Were you here about a bag?!
Well, if you were keeping tabs, it's true that I pretty well sold out at the "Hope For Darfur" event; rounded out my weekend by picking up the kids from the airport; and then went home and whipped up a bag for Monday morning. I've been neglecting this space for long enough.
Besides. My weekend in Brandon totally stoked my sewing fires. I've got a brand new lease on repurposing for Darfur. You could say that it put the "purpose" back into my "re".
You remember the drill; I'm sure. Start yer bids at $25- Canadian and we'll ride this wave until 9:30 pm, cst, April 12, 2010. That's today, in case my numerical dyslexia struck again.
I can ship pretty well anywhere, and all the profit continues to go to feed our brothers and sisters in Darfur.
(it's good to be back)


Anonymous said...

Good Morning to you sunshine, your back here giving us our morning fix. Happy for you to have all your little chicks in place. Beautiful bag, looks like it might be a hot auction today! bbnm

I bid $40

gophercheeks said...

I am not a huge cat fan Joyce but I do love this bag and even more so your commitment to kindness and love for Darfur.
Thank you.

janice said...

Beautiful - glad to have you back. Good to hear the sale was a success.

Make sure Floey is safe - I guess she is OK, since all the kids love her too.

Internet Kittens

joyce said...

it was great to see you in B, and to meet your sis.

gophercheeks- I'm not sure how much I love gophers... but I make exception for you! xx

Internet Kittens. ha ha that is just the best-est! (sh sh. don't wake them. I haven't had any spammers yet today...)

Lisa said...

I'm glad Brandon went so well.... And that your girls are back on home soil.
It's good to see you back too!
BTW - love the bag!

joyce said...

thank you, bbnm. should I hold onto it until I get passage to your fair city? or pop it in the mail? xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce, the cheque will be in the mail, hang on to it with an extra label and next time you are in the hood I'll get it. Where was everybody yesterday? thought I might have some action with that auction. Ha ha, guess I'll have try it again!
hugs BBNM