Monday, May 10, 2010


Well, last week's poppies made upright church ladies resort to hard hearted lying.
Big, bad, deception.

But the truth always wins.
The girl with the curls- that sweet, lovely, and generous Fancy saved the day.
Now, one has to ask- is it the good and generous in me who pulled the remains of that tablecloth out of the archives and set straight to work? Or is it the blood-thirsting spectator in me?

The body of the bag is fashioned from a burnt orange corduroy skirt that had seen better days. (not mine). Two large pockets beneath the flap wait for your giant bags of money.
Or keys.
Or pies.

And then there's all the fun in the shoulder strap. Did you know that a shoulder strap is an experience in artistry all on its own? Just a grand place to play with colour and texture.

Here's the poppy bag inside out. A pair of cargo shorts make two pockets on the one side.
The bottom of my shirt make another two on the other side.

For all you women looking for diaper bags, laptop bags, school bags, or just a big bag-- here's to you- Poppy-ular measures 16 inches wide, 14 inches deep. She's big.
Please begin your bids at $25- Canadian. This auction will last until Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 9:30 pm, cst. (if I forgot anything, leave me a comment. What the heck. Just leave me a comment anyway).


Dancin' Momma said...

Ok where do we leave our bids... here or on the other one?


joyce said...

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve yer bids right here!!

Lizzard said...

So pretty! :) $25.

Valerie Ruth said...

$30! how do i get my hands on the other one i purchased?!

Dancin' Momma said...

Perfect! $32

tanya said...

Those gorgeous poppies AND corduroy? $35

Country said...

Trying to be honest. $38

elck said...




Anonymous said...

for the price of a pocket - she gives up the bottom of her shirt... visions of Joyce in tight plaid pants, and now a cute crop top.
sweet and free...
almost as good as a moo moo dress!
(beauty bag too!)
boler babe

Anonymous said...

diesent Joyce, I WISH that bag was smaller, it would be MINE, all mine. So Beautiful.


Lizzard said...

How about $43.

elck said...



Valerie Ruth said...