Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Neck ties: Survived until Thursday, Now $50.00

Do you ever wonder who came up with the idea of a strip of over priced fabric that a man ought to wrap around his neck, thereby magically making himself appear distinguished and professional?

Well, one of my most favourite things is the evolution of necktie fashion. I've been gifted some of the most outrageous and glorious ties over the years, and I never tire of giving them new life.

My brother used to be a real schlump. He wore ripped sweaters that he would sometimes mend with a rusty necklace chain. He never combed his hair, which was thick and full, long and curly.
He wore aged Levi jeans really well. He sometimes didn't come home for days and nights at a time and he scared the dickens out of all of us.

But you know what's weirder? When he grew up, he became a necktie guy.
And he looked just as gorgeous in a slate grey button up vest and tie and expensive shoes as he did in ripped jeans and "sonova beach" t-shirts.
Plus, he was a little less scarey.

So when September rolled around, and the time for bags returned, I thought of my brother. And I brought in my bag of tangled up, assorted neckties.
I delight in sorting them, studying their designs, mixing and matching them.
And I particularly like when I can incorporate them as shoulder straps. You might not believe this, but putting together a sewn shoulder strap is more time consuming than it appears.

Neckties look awesome and take very little time.

I'm just as fond of the inside of the bag. If you're a blog follower, you know that I go through couches like most people go through boxes of kleenex in cold and flu season. Mind you, these are couches of the $35.00 recycled variety, but I digress.
Several couches ago, some industrious woman had mended a tear beneath the cushion with the gorgeous fabric that you now see employed as the flaps underside, and the interior pocket. Sure, the couch made it's less than splendid departure at the local dump, but not before I rescued that sweet piece of patching fabric.
The blue-ish brown-ish print comes to you all the way from London, England. Lettuce, our friend over at Made 4 Aid, sent me a fabric care package. I dip into it from time to time and think fond thoughts of her. My sister actually got to meet her in a quaint English pub, but I pretty much don't travel, what with the amount of procreating I've done, the mortgage, the grocery bills and the whatnot.

This angle is meant to indicate the three pockets on this side of the bag.
Apparently, you just can't have too many pockets.

Here's a handy sales pitch. The $35.00 silk necktie is part of the deal! wha-hoo. Should you ever find yourself in a pinch without the appropriate formal attire, just fling this bag around your neck and -voila! Instant grace and sophistication.

bag = 11" x 12"
Six pockets total.
Sturdy body made entirely from discard upholstery samples. (thank you Alyssa!)
price: $80.00 Cdn
day old price: $50.00


tanya said...


tanya said...

Oh cruel fate, why did I have time to come down and check the computer?!? I don't have a bag with dark blue! Someone please bid and put me out of my misery!

joyce said...


janice said...

Beautiful. Tanya, it is after 10, over there - think you were meant to have it.

Joyce, it is lovely to see you back. Where is Floey?

joyce said...

Janice, I was taking the photos this morning and said to Brian- "where's Floey? One of my readers logs on, just to see her!"

Sadly, she was outdoors.

I guess you'll have to come back on Friday...

tanya said...


janice said...

Here's the deal, Tanya, we each pay $25 and you get the bag. I love the bag, but have way too many and am too disorganized to change bags more than three times a year.

It is a good cause. Joyce lost some traffic with spending the summer doing nothing . . . except moving mountains of rock, gardening, mom taxiing, canoeing, wiping noses, bums, floors, tables, . . .

joyce said...

Janice, you're too sweet.
No worries- if no one online loves said bag, I have another market nearby- our local high school!

tanya said...

thanks for the offer Janice, but I really can't do it. It's not so much the money as I had a birthday this week and thanks to the inlaws I have some to spend frivolously. I am likely exaggerating extremely to say that if another bag enters this house my marriage will be over...but just in case I'd better not. I'm sure someone really deserving will get this bag, rather than myself as I already have 5 darfur beauties.

joyce said...

If I sold a bag and it was a "mercy buy", I'd likely throw myself off a short flight of stairs.
Five? I'm impressed. (and grateful ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bag, as always! The wait was long, but the price is hard to meet. Even kind hearts with good intentions run low on cash these days. Your fans still admire you & are willing to support the cause. Perhaps a bidding format once more?
Beginning at something less than $50.
Maybe a bag blitz...several bags available same night, like the old $25 days? Some of us really love shoulder straps too.

Bag Lady

janice said...

NOOOOOOOO I would never be one to cause you to throw yourself down a short flight of stairs :) Just imagine, trying to chase those ankle biters on crutches.

Tanya, I only have 4.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the wrong "comment" so I'll try again here. I'd like buy the necktie bag if it is available.

joyce said...

hello, anonymous lover of neckties! Said bag is available, and yours if you so desire. Please e-mail me at