Monday, October 25, 2010


A few of my favourite things: mossy green fuzzy fabric; some deep red burgandy; and a gorgeous rose covered tapestry. Top that all off with some fabulous vintage buttons.

The shoulder strap contains bits of cushion cover, quilting pieces, plaid shirt, and a pretty piece of burgandy, pink, and green floral from Lettuce. (who is kind. And loverly. They have boot sales and tag sales where she's from. And lots of truly old buildings. *sigh*)

A velcro closure keeps your keys, phone, and bags of money safe.

And hey- you can fit like.....FIVE cd's in that space!

Rosie is 7" across; 9" tall, and 4.5 " on the side.
She looks great all year round, but she is particularly lovely with the onset of colder weather upon us.
Like her? Want her?
Bids on Rosie begin at $25.00 Cdn. Leave your bid in the box. Leave your comment there too, and don't be shy.
I'm going to leave this auction open all week, and finish it off on Sunday, October 31 2010 at 10:00 AM, cst.


perrygirl :) said...

This bag looks warm enough to crawl into on this cool rainy fall day! I will start the bidding at $30.
Love the velcro closure, too.

Dancin' Momma said...

Nice! $35

Anonymous said...

bid on a 'Rosie'...
I am in.
where I shouldn'
love Rosie.. like I love Rose and Rosa!

tanya said...

Love that mossy green fuzziness.

joyce said...

mwah, ha ha ha, happy halloweenBB..
remember when we used to take our babes out together to trick and treat? good times.

well, you get the Rosie. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

and you would love our rural version of halloween... miles and miles of fun!
I am thrilled to get Rosie!