Monday, November 29, 2010

Peace and Goodwill

On my second visit to the stinky house, I combed through several boxes of mostly nasty clothes in a weird little bathroom/dressing room off the apparent living room.

This was the same room in which my sister had found a whole stack of vintage flour sacks that I became the very happy recipient of. The loop that you see here is one of those sacks.
Although I had passed up a 100% wool undershirt on my first pass through, I saw it this time through different eyes.
After washing and drying it hot (which eliminated the whole "stinky" and "ewww" factor), the wool was nicely felted, and a perfect material to stitch a peace sign out of.

This very natural patina goes perfectly with the soft blues and greys of the dotty upholstery sample.

I lined it with more flour sack unbleached cotton, and re-used a piece of one of my shirts that looks better as a pocket than it ever did as a fashion statement.

Sam's outgrown jeans make two pockets on the other side.

Peace Tote.
14" wide; 12" long
Minumum bid $20.00
This auction remains open until noon, central standard time on Sunday, December 5, 2010.


Jenni said...

Oh dear. this is just too good to pass up.
harmed in the writing of this bid: $20.

Denise said...

Make that $25 My teens have been DYING to have one of your bags for years! They LOVE the peace ones.

Denise said...

YEA!!!! I've been wanting some of your bags since you started doing this. let me know how you would like to be paid and I'll take care of it tomm.

Denise said...

Please contact me at and I'll give you our mailing addy and let me know how to pay you.