Sunday, March 6, 2011

And Ten More Totes Make Sixty

Can a girl sew sixty bags in a matter of weeks without consequence?

Ask my shoulder rubbing husband, next time you see him.

I think I'm actually seeing a markable reduction in my upholstery sample stacks. But I have concluded that they are stacks of Biblical/Elf and the shoemaker proportions. Every time I dip in for a little more of that flour and oil/ shoe making leather, it seems the stacks grow again.

Imagine if I get to work on the boxes full of fabric that are stored, frozen and waiting in the garage!

Meanwhile, I am pleased to present to you bags number fifty-one to sixty. They are conveniently labelled one through ten so that you can more easily identify the one(s) that tickle your bag-lovin' fancy.

So, for any offer ten dollars and up, please indicate the bag of your liking in the comment section below. If you don't have a google account, you can always leave a comment by identifying yourself as "anonymous" when the list of choices pops up. You can also e-mail me any time with any question at

Thanks for being awesome!

#1: sold to Janice!

#2: sold to Leah for $30-!

#3: yay! sold to Valerie Ruth for $10-!

#4: sold to Robyn!

#5: sold to Donna for $20!

#6 : sold to Shannon for $30- Thank you!

#7: sold to Shannon for $30- Thank you!

#8: sold for $25-!

#9: sold to Leah for $30-!

#10: sold to Judy for $20-!


Shannon said...

HI! I was sooooo excited to see new bags posted; i've been waiting all week:) i would take #6 & #7 for $30 each!!

I look forward to hearing from you


Leah said...

The bags look fabulous! I will take #9 and #2 for $30 each
I look forward to hearing from you,

perrygirl :) said...

What?!?! You have horses? And I missed them... that's what I get for starting work instead of relaxing with your blog and a cup of coffee before the boss gets in!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I've been waiting to see these new bags! I'll take # 5 for $20.

Thank you Joyce!!

joyce said...

Thanks, all.
Yes, horses. Funny eh? Makes you think you should get compulsive about blogs or something?!

thanks for all the support- it means a lot.

Judy said...

Number 10 Number 10 Can I buy number 10?

For $20.

janice said...

Number 1 . . .I want number 1. AND the retro turquoise high chair under it. I have the high chair that I sat in, as a child. That means it is at least 52 years old. Now I am going to bring it out of the garage and put it in a place of honour.
Horses - love them. Got any dogs?

Valerie Ruth said...

i want #3 for $10. and i want to swing by later today. you'll be home?

joyce said...

I am home- I promise!

Robyn said...

I want #4!! I've been waiting and waiting to actually get in another one of these!! love the bags!!

joyce said...

;) I love you...

Judy said...

Hey Joyce. I'll be paying by Pay Pal.

How do I find you?

Anonymous said...

Can I take #8 for $25