Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bring Out The Bright!

Something that really helped me to jump full speed back into sewing, was to tell myself to save nothing for some other time or occasion. Later is Now. See it, love it, sew it, sell it. Life is terminal for us all, and there's no time like right now to just move forward. So, first of all, I attacked my substantial piles of samples. So far, I've gotten over seventy totes from that starting point, and I think my piles have shrunk. Last week someone mentioned "bright". I immediately thought of my coveted, beloved, and hoarded collection of vintage table cloths. Then I remembered about waiting for nothing, and cutting and sewing with total abandon. So, this lot of ten contains some of that work. It may be a little heavy on the pink, but don't let that discourage you if you're a closet pink hater. I have several billion boxes of other options in the garage. Just give me time. So, just to review. See a tote bag that you like? Then scroll to comments at the bottom of the post and leave me a comment that contains the amount of money you're willing to pay at or over ten dollars per bag (unless otherwise indicated). You can also send me an e-mail at to work out shipping and payment options. Shipping to most places is ten dollars. Ready? let's go. #1 (ahhh... I do love the graphics of these old cloths. There's just something about the colours that makes me think of another time.)

#2: sold to Shannon for $20-

This bag is fully lined, complete with pockets, and actually fully reversible. I'd like a minimum of $15- for this piece which employs two vintage table cloths, and a handkerchief.

#3: sold to Lori for $20-!
(fully lined and pocketed. minimum of $15- please)
oh dear. My personal favourite. *sigh*

:an old baby blanket, vintage embroidered pillow slip, and the purple floral piece is a vintage slipcover that I've been drooling over for years now.

*sigh* (this is the inside view. Lined, pocketed)

#4 the rest of the pink blanket. It has some pretty neat motifs on it.

I like....

this bag is unlined.

it has three pockets on one side.


another vintage table cloth. Love those pics...

#6 is sold to Nancy! and now... a special series by Floey the cat.

Yes, puss. Turns out that I must admit- this blog is actually ALL ABOUT YOU!!

#7: sold to Melanie for $20-


and back to upholstery pieces, for the demure in the crowd...
#9: sold to Alison for $20-!

#10: fancy nancy!

I love you people-thanks for all the support!!


Lori said...

Hi Joyce, I'll take #3 for $20. It's beautiful. (I am a closet pink hater but I love vintage pillow cases.)

Shannon said...

HI again! I'll take #2 for $20 please. Spectacular and will make a beautiful birthday gift for my mom...:)

Melanie said...

I want #7 for $20 please

janice said...

Hi Floey; Delighted to see you a few times lately. Fancy you not appearing on your own blog for months at a time. I would like to bid on you, but it appears you are perfectly happy there, and you won't travel well in a bubble wrap envelope.
Lots of love from your internet stalker. xoxo

Valerie Ruth said...

clearly i'm too slow on the draw. #2 is my fav!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'll take #9 for $20 please.

Anonymous said...

Is #10 still up for sale?

joyce said...

I'm sorry- that should have read as "sold to fancy nancy"

More bags to come!

Anonymous said...

Hi, is #1 or #4 available still???

joyce said...

Sorry- all gone!
(my verification word is cringe. REally.)