Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Baggy Thoughts

Thank you all so much for gobbling up another set of bags.

At the baseline price, this set of bags might have brought in $100.00 but because of your generosity, it brought in at least $220.00. Thank you so very much.

And then there are the bags that got away. My sisters came over last Sunday for my annual "So You Survived a Car Crash" Party. This is a Faspa party that I host each February when my family and I celebrate the day three years ago when my parents rolled their van and "walked away" and my daughter got hit by a car crossing a street on an icy day. Yes, these events all occurred on the very same day.

Meanwhile, as we celebrated over pickles and day old donuts, my sisters descended on my bag stacks with unadulterated greed and enthusiasm. Well, not greed I guess, seeing as they generously purchased several bags that never quite made it to the blogspot.

So, in celebration of all your generosity and support, I've posted pics of the bags that got away.

I hope to let a whole lot more bags out into the world, to raise hope, and money, to build community, and to focus on the good.

(yes. That's my sister. And yes. She looks exactly like me. And no. We're not twins.
We're ten years apart, and I dare you to guess who is older.....)


Mary KG said...

My guess is that you're the older one. Am I right? huh????

janice said...

I think that photo is of Mary KG and she is older!!

Anonymous said...

i hope they didn't take my bag! We need to meet in aisle 12 at superstore to exchange money and bag...

Robyn said...

Hi, I'll take 9! Also, I think my mom sent you a cheque and maybe you have no idea who it was from??? lol Email me and we can set it straight!
Robyn (romerils@mts.net)

joyce said...

janice, you're pretty clever. I'm her YOUNGER sister by ten years.

Carolyn, I figure if I just carry that bag around every time I go shopping, I should run into you soon...