Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coming Soon

to a Niverville Old Tyme Country Fair near you...(Now... With the correct link that will actually lead you to the website of the country fair, as opposed to the first link that I innadvertently posted which led you to other places... totally unrelated to the fair)

to a Niverville Olde Tyme Country Fair near you......(this is the link that I downloaded that I totally didn't mean to download, but somehow I did.... and it made people believe that the Niverville Fair was going to host Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory at the fair.....) Wow. I'm such a nob that I do nobbish things without knowing how nobbish the things are that I do.....

Bags 4 Darfur!

Find me- with bags! at the street market on main street, Niverville on June 10 and 11.

I've been busy storing up inventory, and look forward to being a part of Niverville's most fun-filled and community minded event. Please come by and say hello, and support our displaced friends in the Sudan.

As usual, all profits will be donated to the world food programme.


oreneta said...

The bag got here and it magnificent! Money on the way!

Thanks so much!

Lisa said...

So maybe its just all the numbers floating around in my brain, dulling my senses - damaging my funny bone.........but what does Sheldon freaking out on a mini bike have to do with the Niverville Fair???!!??
Just asking.....

joyce said...


How do I even know to tie my shoes???????

Lisa said...

Oh.....I'm so glad it wasn't me.....I mean, I'm sorry it's all you.......but at least it isn't me...I thought staring at numbers all day was making me squirrly........it's comforting to know your the squirrly one!!!!!!!!!!
Love you Joyce.
Thanks for making me laugh.
p.s. I LOVE your new wheels - they would look GREAT in my garden!!