Friday, July 1, 2011

And $2,390.00 Makes $24,919.00!!

The buzz didn't end at the close of the fair.
My leftover bags hung on a coat rack in my living room, as some late bloomers wandered by to shop. Three weeks later, and dust beginning to settle, I am proud and grateful to annouce that a total of $2,000.00 has been donated to the United Nations World Food Program, and a further $380.00 to Women To Women International which will sponsor a woman in Sudan for a full year.

It never ceases to amaze me how a little bit done every day can add up to something so big and magnificent! And that's largely thanks to you, my supporters.

Have a happy summer. I may not be around the blog world very much, as I celebrate my eldest daughter's seventeenth birthday, send my youngest off the camp for the first time, enjoy my out of country relatives (doesn't hurt that they live at their cabin.... on a lake....) , haul the camper to the beach a few times, and tinker around in my gardens.

I'll be back.
I'm building up nerve to apply for a Big Event next summer.....

Happy Sunshine!
and Thank You.



Rachel said...

Hope you have an amazing summer and look forward to your next offering of beautiful bags...Take Care!

christine said...

i love your heart.
you really are amazing.

Brandy said...

Hey Joycie, will you be making any of those bigger bags before school starts. My Sarah is begging for one for her school bag as she is off to the 'big house' in fall :P