Monday, November 14, 2011


A functioning camera cord has been located.
All prior sewing commitments have now been fulfilled, and mostly delivered.
And I'm pleased to present a bag for sale!

A bag that plays with vintage neckties. A kind older woman gave me her entire collection of neckties that her husband had worn throughout his career as an office guy. I liked her parting comment as she gifted me with the boxfull: "I hope you make a killing".

What a great send-off for all those neckties she must have bought every Father's Day, birthday, and Christmas for the previous fifty years!

It's been one of my favourite relics to work with lately. Such fun-loving bits of fashion! And so many functions.

Here's the bag turned inside out. Pockets on each side.


12.5" long

14.5" wide.

six pockets in total- two beneath the flap, and four inside.

Bag is constructed from upholstery samples, remnants, neckties, used pants.

Due to the neglected state of this blog, I'll leave the bag available for sale until Thursday, November 17 at 6:00 pm, cst.

We'll work on the aution format; I'd ask that the starting bid begin at $35.00 Cdn.

Bids close at 6 pm cst, thur, Nov 17.

Any questions, comments, observations can be left under "comments". This is also where you leave your bid if you are interested. If you don't have a blogger account, simply choose "anonymous" as your identity, but do assign yourself an identity one way or another- either within your comment post, or by sending me an e-mail to

thanks, it's good to be back.


Lisa said...

I'll bid $45 please... LOVE IT!

janice said...



I know you were very busy sewing your Brandon treasures, but I did not partake much in the eye candy.

What a great bag. What UGLY ties - can you imagine that one with the mustard checks, hanging off some guy's neck? What colour shirt, do you suppose.

Welcome back. Please rub Floey's belly for me.

Sheesh said...

I'm in for $50

Valerie Ruth said...

Ravi wants it for $60!

joyce said...

you guys put a smile on my face.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bag! MK

Mary KG said...


Mary KG said...

In case anyone thinks I'm calling my sister a Schmuck, you are wrong. wrong. wrong. Schmuck is the German word for "looks good". Ok?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you are back Joyce! I missed checking out your treasures and occassionally trying to buy one!

joyce said...

Ravi, it's all yours!