Monday, January 9, 2012

She Pretends To Be In Retail

It's not that I'm uninterested in change; it's just that I'm so slow to change

But change is coming.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd get all consumer savvy and offer a SALE of sorts.

This tote bag will be the first item on the "discount rack".
It used to be a tablecloth in its first life. Then it got folded and stored, then donated to a thrift store. That's when my greedy little mitts got a hold of it and offered it a second life as a tote bag.
As the second photo indicates, it is fully lined and complete with pockets.
I find this style of bag to be incredibly versatile and practical. They are perfect for anything from groceries to holding skates, beach stuff (yes, I live in Manitoba, but a girl can dream!), being a purse, library bag, gift bag, etc. (I'm beginning to feel uncomfortably "salesperson-y"). But before I stop, I should mention that since the lining is constructed out of discarded upholstery samples,this bag might last longer than some of us do.

This bag is on sale for $15.00 Cdn and goes to the first person who expresses interest in the comments. Shipping to most places is $11.00 Cdn.

Ready? Set?



Sheesh said...

Me!!! Oo Oo! I want it!

joyce said...

Awesome possum, and if I'm not mistaken we can forego the shipping as well! Thanks a bundle.

Sheesh said...

Yuppers, send it on down with Brian and I will give him cash! Thanks!!!

Rachel ;) said...

How cute! Very appetizing :) I want one too!