Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Knows No Holiday (sold to Stephanie for buy it now price)

But I'm super glad that there is a special holiday just to celebrate love.

It's one of those holidays where everyone should win. If you don't get all fussy about romantic love (just one narrow strip of true love, in any case), you can use the excuse of Valentine's Day to just look around and get giddy about all the love in your life.

The strap is a celebrated necktie, and the front panel pockets used to be a lovely piece of hand embroidery. Cross stitch; to be precise.

The back panel and majority of the bag's body is made out of vintage drapery.

A second layer forms a pocket, complete with velcro closure.

The bag's interior is a cacophony of colour. Many remnants work together to form 2 pockets, which brings our bag's total number of pockets to four.

This lovin' bag measures 8" across its base; 9.5" top to bottom; and a width of 3".

You can purchase this bag right now for $45.00 Cdn, or place a bid for a minimum of $25.00 and see where it takes you. I'll leave this bag's bids open until Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 7:00 pm, cst.

Now, go be nice to someone. Pick someone annoying if you have the chance. It is Valentine's, after all!