Monday, March 12, 2012

Total kitsch


 What do you get when you cross a curtain, a mustard colored doily, a duvet cover, tablecloth, rik rak, and unfinished quilt squares?


 Silly question, right?

 The four abandoned quilt squares in adorable retro print form four pockets on one side.

 Side B also boasts two pockets.  I really like this piece; a gift from my friend the Boler Babe.

 If you're a hoarder or a micro manager, or just really organized, then this might be the bag for you!

The interior contains another four pockets.  Never lose your keys again.

 Interested in the bag?  Start your bids at $20.00 Cdn, or buy it right now for $40.00.

Bids will remain open until thursday, march 15/2012 at 7:00 pm, cst.

Leave bids and comments below.  Any questions?

1 comment:

Mary KG said...

I love side B AND of course your commentary.