Friday, July 27, 2012

She Wasn't Dreaming When She Scheduled Four Day Work Weeks


That kind of planning meant that a Friday could be spent indulging in "Sew Day" in the company of some legitimate quilters.


(I didn't tell them that I don't follow any rules, didn't know the first thing about a color wheel, and have given away my rotary cutter and mat, not once but twice.)

We met over shared caches of fabric, our favorite machines, and some truly delicious coffee.

We shared supplies




And friends.

It was more than a little stimulating, dreamy, inspiring, and just flat out


I got to watch a quilter play with my funny mess of things to share, and just like that, under her magical fingers:


Isn't it simply marvelous!

I left a bag behind,

And came home with a heavier case than when I'd arrived.

More donated fabrics,

And the acquisition of a new skill.

Thanks Brenda for the splendid "Nay Frein" (German sewing circle) and for teaching me how to make the wee pouchy bags.


And you know what's sweet?

Its still only Friday.

In other news, I'm still building up nerve and stamina to follow through on setting up my own Etsy shop. Hopefully in this millenium.



Brenda said...

Great pix! Looks like you had some fun with my quilty bits. I'm almost finished my bag. let's do it again soon.

joyce said...

yup, I went home and set up at the table, headlong into making a few more. Fun to make something new.

PrairiePeasant said...

Look at you go with those zippy bags! It was so nice to meet you and spend the day with you Joyce! I feel very inspired as well.

JayP said...

Wow love the little bags. R U selling them? I really want the bottom RH side one. So perfect for the summer when out and about.

Nice work.

joyce said...

Sure! For $15- I'll throw in the shipping!

janice said...

I want that one too - but, OK, I will take the top left, with the buttons. It will go with my summer bag. Thanks.

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

I was told about your blog while at the Brandon Folk Festival by a lovely couple at a neighbouring booth - wonderful work you are doing here!
When you are ready for the Etsy thing - pop in and check out the Manitoba Etsy team (ignore the Winnipeg on our name) we are open to anyone in Manitoba with an Etsy blog that wants to participate!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

errr that should read Etsy shop not blog - sorry!

Jenni said...

Bags4Darfur went to Rwanda and Kenya and Ethiopia with me this summer. Including a boat ride in a creaky boat across Lake Kivu. It attracted a lot of attention from my Rwandese friends, who thought it was quite something.


JayP said...

It's a Deal!!! as Janis Joplin said...or was that Bob Barker? ha ha

Cheque or paypal?

Happy happy, thank you Joyce:)

joyce said...

Jayp whatever you prefer, I don't feel opinionated at the moment.

Janice, you are the cutest. I
Ike that button one too. Actually, you two picked out my two favorites. The one on the bottom was a quilt square that Brenda passed along to me. I thought she was crazy to give away something somfabulous, but she said she had a WHOLE DRAWER FULL upstairs. She shouldn't have said that. I know her address.

Periwinkle: Thank You!! I have heard tell of the Mb etsy team more than once, and I covet membership.
Thank you for your kind words, the Brandon sale was nonstop fun and goodness. May have to consider going there again.
I don't know why I don't get going on this Etsy thing. Some sort of block in my head. Like a blockhead.

Jenni, you had me at "Rwanda". Did you really go all those places?! Wow. I'd like you to come over and tell me more, but now you are all done with us prairies, right?

Thanks for telling me that. What an amazing full circle feeling for me to imagine the bags TRAVELLING all those places I've only read and thought about.

Janice and jayp, please re-send me your addresses, if it's not too much trouble. I know I have them somewhere but it will take me a lifetime to unearth, and we just don't have that kind of time!

joyce said...