Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some New Old Things


Well, the stocking thing went really well. I was able to send a cheque for $400.00 to Canadian Mennonite University's Outtatown program to provide additional funds to the projects they support in Guatemala. Its personal for me, our daughter left just Tuesday to go be a part of those projects. She'll get to see firsthand the well projects, affordable housing, and orphanage that will benefit from financial donations.

So, thanks for being part of that.

It seems like I haven't sewn in ages, but it turns out that's just one of my crazy perceptions. I did sew 30+ Christmas stockings. I also tried out a nifty hooded scarf pattern that I've had laying around for a couple of years. (No pic, sorry...) There are also some bags.

Just enough zip and zing to get you through til spring. Available in my ETSY shop.

Heavy, moony recycled wool crazy quilt messenger bag.

A smaller version, laden with gorgeous vintage buttons from my impressive collection.

Can't get enough of those layered unbleached cotton and odd bit bags.

All these bags are available for sale in the etsy shop, and there should be a link at the top of this blog page. If there isn't; then something has gone terribly wrong and do be sure to let me know.

In the "that was fun" category, I've been playing around with some other diversions.

A wrist cuff. I've been meaning to play with this idea for over a year now. Funny how it takes so much time to find the mental and physical space to launch into unexplored territory with fabric and bitty bobs.

I like the finished result, and have been wearing it gleefully all day.


And then there's these. I was introduced to the fingerless mitt by my brilliant artist friend Lory and have been wearing the pair she and I fashioned together one dreamy day last winter at her dining room table. I've meant to make more ever since.

So far I've made two pairs.

Soon to become available for sale in the etsy shop?

It's a new year, and a good time to try some new things. Of particular excitement is an upcoming women's retreat at which I am to appear as a presenter, to share the story of bags4darfur. We're going to spend a day creating, dreaming, stretching, learning, and growing together. We'll also raise some money that will be forwarded to an elementary school in Kenya that my friends have seen firsthand.

I like new starts! Oh, and I love to sew.



Teresa said...

Hi Joyce,

Love to see the new ideas and to hear of where your heart continues to lead you.

The ETSY link is not coming up. Thought I'd let you know.


Anonymous said...

Okay, just went back on the back button at the top of comments and the Etsy shop appearred. Go figure:)


janice said...

No Etsy shop button - and I WANT some wrist cuffs. Well, I want some inspiration to sew, too.