Thursday, February 21, 2013

Now With Pictures











Brenda said...

You cut up the Last Supper!!What sort of sewing circle were you having? I'd love to do another with you soon.

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

I love that you cut up the last supper!

Anonymous said...

Ah but remember, to cut it up meant that it would be close--at the hip close. Nothing irreverent about that (for those that might gasp). Thanks for posting the pictures. I needed that today. It's now another Saturday and the memory in pictures helps because I am still at the bottom of the mountain.
--you know who

Teresa said...

Hi Joyce,

I can't find the link to your etsy store.

Please post it :)

joyce said...

ok, I tried a new layout. For some reason the Etsy shop was showing up at the absolute bottom of the page, even though that's "not what I signed up for".
If there are any other issues that I can't see from here, do let me know! And thanks you for saying so, sometimes I blog on my ipad which has a different layout, and shows as a mobile post which is different than a computer screen.

I also have a few more bags... that I need to photograph and post.

Brenda- I have a "nay frayn" dream- (low German for sewing circle) I must move on that dream, its not so hard to make happen, and it is delightful!

PD- it was one of the fun ways we broke all sorts of rules, and talked about looking at old things with new eyes. The fact that the eyes got lobbed off is mildly disturbing.... but not really.....

woman at the bottom of the mountain- I think I was so entirely at my peak, that real life has been a really more difficult transition that I'd expected. And that's really wonderful and sad, all mixed up together. Life would be different if there were no bills to pay.
Yet, I think of people who live without having such marvelous days as what we got to experience. Life with mostly doldrums? That is not my story! So we must constantly invent more ways to be so much ourselves, to tap into our passions, to share that with others, to hear one anothers' stories.

(and I'm so glad you were there!)