Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Bag Before Breakfast

If learning new information keeps the brain young, then I'll likely turn out as well as my mother.

Due to the positive reaction to the piece in the Free Press, I think I'll have to get a little more savvy with the computer. So far I've hoodwinked my manager.... husband to clack away at his computer to figure out how to compile a "group" in my e-mail list. I know.... Not exactly computer techy stuff. But keep in mind that I still don't really know how to use the cell phone. And apparently I don't know how to read a calendar either, seeing as I told you all to buy a paper on April 27, never once noticing that all of April and most of May had actually passed away while I was digging myself out from under a growing pile of fabric remnants...

It's like my best dream is coming true with its evil twin sister: the nightmare of my absent-minded spinniness. And you're all along for the colourful ride.

I've been having the nightmares regularly of late. Nightmares of misplaced children and small animals. Nightmares of endless packing and moving and never ever catching up because there are still four or five floors to the mansion that I have to pack up. Nightmares of discovering that there are huge holes in the attic, and there has been rain water dripping onto and molding some truely rich and amazing blue and gold tapestry fabric. (That I really do see in full colour, nightly)

This morning I woke with a start, fearing that I'd overslept and had a long line of children, small animals, and baghounds snaking through my back yard. It was 5:45.

So, a bag was made before breakfast.
My friend Gloria came after breakfast.
Said something about someone's birthday and something about a perfect bag.

I'm heading up to the attic to look under the eaves for that blue and gold tapestry. Maybe if I cut around the mouldy bits I could get a bag made out of it before bedtime.


Bonnie said...

Joyce: Read article in Free Press & I hope you can solve a problem for me. We are down sizing and I am on a purge. I have found a large piece of material given to me in the early 70's by friends who brought it from Tanzania (my spellinf stinks) It is a nice piece of material that I have never known what to do with - others even hem my pants. So I would love to donate to your bag project - it would be a nice and appropraite place for this material to end up. Great work - let me know if you want it and we will make arrangements. I live in St. James in Winnipeg. Bonnie

joyce said...

does a bear poop in the woods?!
Amazing thank you!! (That's a "yes, please" in sane people language.)

Two of my sewing machines are in hospital in St James right now, so maybe we can figure out a way to combine the fabric donation with that pick up.

You are kind and generous to take the time to send this note. Thank you.

gloria said...

omigosh! did she say "70's" and "tanzania"? my stomach is rolling with excitement for you

it's a gong show... said...

i am so proud of you joyce.

Anonymous said...

Joyce, from time to time, I'd like to help with material.

I'm also interested in owning a bag and a piece of 'good feeling' about what I'm doing to help what you are doing.

Where will the bags be pictured when they are available. I know I have to check daily, but I'd like to know specifically where to go...

(Now don't think that, anyone!)


gloria said...

and i have been accosted by people all over town asking if my bag is one of those made by the lady in the paper.... and one person even recognized my bag from the photo! they were all very excited to hear that such a person was living in our midst.