Friday, September 12, 2008


I think maybe "delight" is related to "joy". Joy is deeper than happiness- its something that can exist even during unforgivingly harsh pain. Or, on a more everyday level, Joy exists in all this brokenness, disappointment, and frustrated ideals.
*like these pictures for example.... that were not supposed to upload in a single line all the way down the center.... Not that I'd ever mention something as trivial as that.
Maybe the hippies won't be too unhappy today. This bag is truly re-purposed.
Tablecloth from Ruth; there in the shoulder strap knot.
Great retro pieces from St Adolphe and Morris thrift shops.
An aprony pocket. Lining-- reused cushion slipcovers.
Floral piece salvaged off an old fabric covered trunk.
The body of the bag is an earthy shade of gold/off white/greenish/melon. And it had feathers stuck in it here and there so I imagine it was used for ticking at one time? It came in a stack of fabric, and I don't remember from whom. Sorry, anonymous, but I still do really appreciate the feathery fabric.Delight. Take delight in this Friday of your life. Try to fully open your eyes today, and not just on your to-do list.
Names and numbers until 8 pm cst.


Anonymous said...

I will start the bidding at$45. Thought of someone this would be perfect for and Christmas is coming soon! I have been watching these bags and love them!

tanya said...

$50 for the delightful bag

esther said...

another beauty joyce!!
i'll bid $55

Anonymous said...

Gorgoeous Joyce! I'm in for $60

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful bag..I'll bid 70

Becky said...

I LOVE this bag Joyce! Greens and browns...mmmmm.

Jennie C. said...

Velvet! *sigh*

Word: "vvearbl" -- isn't that great?

esther said...

$75 for me :)

joyce said...

Esther, I know where you live.