Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Auction Time: Bids Accepted Until 8:00 pm, central standard time.

A few other things you should know:
If you are in the Winnipeg, Manitoba area; the Free Press this morning invites you to an:
exhibit by Doctors without Borders – Tour an outdoor reconstruction of a refugee camp to raise awareness of the 42 million refugees and internally displaced people uprooted by war and conflict. Today to Sunday at the Forks near the Scotia Bank stage.

Additionally, there is a Walk for Darfur October 5th at Assiniboine Park, in Winnipeg. The website does not contain much information, but here it is nonetheless.

I think it would be great to meet at the park for a walk; an oppurtunity to be united about an important cause, and to remind us of what this project, and our lives of privelege are about.

Anybody interested in going as a group, please e-mail me at (you will see it come up as "Brian Hildebrand" but that's because we're married in the old fashioned way, and we still share stuff.)

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*thanks to Karla for providing the info on the above events.

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Roo said...

joycie...guess what brian and i ended up doing for our date? we ended up at at the refugee exhibt at the forks.


ps it was nice hugging you today! xo