Tuesday, September 2, 2008

(sort of) "Delightful"

The Golden Book Illustrated Dictionary (Bu to Di) defines "delightful" as: giving pleasure- Aunt Emma's visit to our house was delightful. It gave happiness and pleasure to everyone.
Followed very closely, and not to be confused with: "Delirious" -- Temporarily out of control of one senses; raving; talking wildly, etc.

Not a bad descriptor for how things might have gone this early morning when I awoke to discover that the children had changed the settings on the camera and my first two takes of the bag "Delightful" all landed up as "deleted". "Delightful" had to wait until I could rouse the technical advisor in the family and wait for him to restore the camera to its more reliable function. Then, had it not been quite so early, I may have become wildly excited or aroused. - The city was delirious with joy when the home team won the pennant.
This post comes to you compliments of the 1961 edition of The Golden Book Illustrated Dictionary; Letters Bu to Di.

"Delightful" is the kick-off to "Hippy Week" - This in response to criticism I have recently received, accusing me of becoming a "fabric snob" and begging the return of more authentically recycled pieces. Not to mention names, but my daughter Arianna, and her other mother Rose may have something to do with that.

"Delightful" is made of a gold bedspread, a floral table cloth, a piece of brown upholstery, a floral sheet, and Loretta's pants.

Bids are open until 6 pm, cst.

Peace out, man.


tanya said...

Well, it is delightful! I always enjoy your hippie creations, but also your more upscale ones as well. Even a hippie needs to go to a fancy function once in a while...perhaps and fancy-shmancy Save the Earth benefit. Regardless what style of bags you make and post, it's all for a good cause. $25 to start us off.

joyce said...

MMichele said:....I'll bid $50 and hope that you and no one else notices that you posted this on chronicles and not bags for darfur because then maybe i'll have a chance to get it!

(Ha, ha. I copy and pasted this from Blunderview, where I inadvertently posted it this early morning. WHAT A MORNING! It took me two stinkin' hours to get this stupid post up properly. And I don't even know if its proper because I ran out of time!!)

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back Joyce. Love the polka dots..Can you believe to comments in one day!!!!!!

Roo said...

definitely delightful. deliriously delightful.

esther said...

i LOVE it joyce :)

Anonymous said...

Really Delightful $60

svea said...

i real love this one and tried to bid earlier, but blogger kept bumping me. i really love the touchable olive color!!!

esther said...


Anonymous said...


joyce said...

hey Simons, you got yourself a delightful bag. E-mail me at