Monday, November 10, 2008

Too Bad About That Bag- It Was a Good One...

I made a bag, really I did. All that was left was the strap, which is no big deal. But then i didn't like the way the pocket showed underneath the flap, soooo I removed it. And there was an insightly line in the pile fabric where the seam had been. That would not come out.

So, I couldn't in good conscience post it on the blog. which sucks, because I've had enough things to whine about this week as it is.

Oh, well.

And. Could Denise from two bags ago contact me at, please?



Roo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOYCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, hope you have lots of cake & presents today! from boler babe's neighbors mom

Beate said...

Happy birthday, Joyce! I will drink a very good cup of coffee today thinking of you, and hoping that you get much more than that for your birthday! God bless you with his aboundant peace today!
Love from Norway,


Anonymous said...

Happy day Joyce!! Many happy returns!
(Oh to go back to 41.....)

Hoping all is well with you today and don't worry about the bag...tomorrow is another day, as they say.

The Naked Chef

p.s. may we all think of those who went before us in all the wars and never forget...

verification word - ditura...very close to datura, one of my favourite garden types.

Anonymous said...

Well today must be your birthday, so I hope it's a great one.

I just wanted to make sure to let you know Joyce, that if Denise does not contact you I would love to be declared the winner. hehehe. Seeing as you almost declared me the winner on that day anyways.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Roberta, but Denise still wants the bag. Just a gliche in the email process.