Sunday, November 9, 2008

Abbey Needs No Ironing

Hooray! We have a bag. Must mean that someone needed a break from.... the other nasty stuff she was doing.

Full of wonderfulness it is. The fringey bit on the bottom is from one of those weird decorative blanket horrers that we hung on our rec room walls in the 70's. There are two types of chennille blanket, an apron, some fabric from lettuce, a necktie, and a buckle from my "Morris connection".
And my clean headed daughter is a sight too; is she not?!

That brown section is from Morris as well. The woman has a talent, and I do appreciate it. (a volunteer who has "back stage passes", which means she has access to the donations as they come in. She sets aside some upholstery pieces, zippers, buckles and buttons for the project. What a gift)

See? What'd I tell you- Abbey Needs No Ironing.
Bag measures 11 by 15 inches. The necktie strap is adjustable by cinching up that funky morris buckle.
Offers until 8 pm, cst.


Lory said...

Oh Girl, You sure no how to take a break. 45$
please check your emails
I sent a cc of something I sent... on your behalf.
then of course check out the 'subject' of email.
Boler Babe

Melanie said...

What a hot little bag model you have. :)

Rosa said...

Lory your not allowed to talk in code especially when I'm listening. Love love love the front pannel. Does everone know its Joyces Birthday tomorrow????? I bid $50

PamJ said...

ooooh! blue is a fave. $55.
Joyce does that mean you won't be in your 20s anymore deary?

oneblessedlife said...

I watch these bags and drool with envy, but can never afford them. I'll bid $55.
My sister would love this bag, and would so appreciate the help for Darfur. . .
Please, everyone else, just close your eyes today. :)

oneblessedlife said...

Rats! okay $57!

joyce said...

oh, its good to be back. I think I have between ten and fifteen YARD bags full of clean laundry.
And the kids heads are clean. And my head is clean. And I'm not divorced. And I didn't give any offspring away to more loving homes.

Yes, indeedy. tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 41. I'm ticked because I have had NO TIME to plan something fun for myself.

Kelli- welcome. I totally relate to your unaffordability factor. I feel the same way! Its a pickle, isn't it, when the cause it worth it... but one is limited by having chosen to marry for love instead of money?!

Sheila said...

Was going to bid, but seeing the 2nd last post, I will take a rest for today, as I already have a bag, and christmas is still a little ways off!

Sheila said...

But tomorrow....look out!!!!

gloria said...

i knew it was her birthday, uh huh i did :), she's in my daytimer

Anonymous said...

I'll go $60...

oneblessedlife said...

I'll keep watching.
Thanks everyone for your sweet thoughts!

joyce said...

okay, wm
e-mail me at

gophercheeks said...

Hey- I just stumbled on this site and I think you are doing a really great thing here! Your bags are beautiful!! Happy Birthday

Lory said...

See Joyce
Stumbling is a VERY good thing...
someone new named 'gophercheeks'
happy birthday as well!
I'll eat cake and candy in your honor.