Thursday, November 27, 2008


This isn't as easy as it looks; you know.

Some particularly astute people may remember this fabric from months back, when two loving husbands "fought" valiantly over a bag named Tanzania; each vying for the undying love of their fair maiden.

I named this bag Serengeti because Tanzania had been taken.
(pretty deep and meaningful, eh?)

This nifty-neato bit creates a pocket beneath the flap. There is also one side panel pocket, about the right size for a cell phone or bunch of keys.

I really like that soft brown stuff. It came straight to my door from a fellow sewing mama who gives her time to MCC, sewing quilts that land up all over the world. She gave me lots of other amazing pieces which you don't get to see yet, cuz I'm not quite done oggling them myself.

This bag measures 11" deep and 13" across.
You ask for handbags, Joyce makes handbags.
Now quit your whining and put your money where your mouth is.
(Or just leave me a comment- I like those too)
As usual, this carnival will be on until 8 pm, cst.
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JDP said...

great fabric and story to go along with it $45

Ariel Gordon said...

$50. It WILL be mine!

it's a gong show... said...

my birthday is around the corner and i'm gonna splurge! $60

Anonymous said...

Does the cat come with it? Because he is awfully cute! MK

Anonymous said...

You can keep the cat, I purrfer dogs. Do like the bag, lets try for $65.

Ranavan said...


shaunak said...

This is a really nice bag, Joyce.

I was going to bid, but since I already have an "africa bag" and considering the day Rana had yesterday :) - I'm going to hope that she gets it!

Can't wait to see tomorrow's bag!

Anonymous said...

1st time ever bidding on a bag...I really really love this I have loved all the bags this week. I will bid $75.


joyce said...

special today:
three kids go with the bag.
I'm keeping the cat and the dog.

Anonymous said...

Three kids. No cat. No deal..... sorry Joyce!!!!! Do love the bag though! MK

gloria said...

don't you have 4 kids joyce? which one are you keeping? or are you giving away your daycare kiddies?

Anonymous said...

not wanting to intrude on bidding... but, do I fire up the Triple E? so to speak.
boler babe

Unknown said...

$76. I told you it would be MINE!

Anonymous said...

Oh man missed it.

Brian the Mennonite said...

The winner is Ariel Gordon. Joyce is out for the evening, but she'll let you know what to do later tonight or tomorrow.

Gary said...

Your creations are magnificent! I will be back to check out your future creations and hopefully win the bidding at some point.Wonderful!

Ranavan said...

Oh well - considering the day I had the other day it is probably good I didn't win...I guess I need to save my pennies.

Thanks for the thought Shauna :)

Joyce as always you make a beautiful bag!

Squirrel said...

I thought it was a trompe l'oeil cat at first glance !!!!