Friday, November 28, 2008

Cuz I Said So, This Week Continues on Monday...

Hey all.... Due to the fact that somehow two days this week got sucked into a giant vortex called
HUH? where'd the time go? It can't really be friday already?!

Africa week will be suspended until Monday, December First (!!) at which time, we will continue to celebrate Africa, with all its wonders, hardships, beauty, and batiks.

With the exception of Wednesday, which is a day to set aside for Phoenix, a little innocent girl who never really lived. Any monies raised on Wednesday on the upcoming Phoenix bag will be forwarded to the Christmas project that my church is involved in: Christmas gifts for Pikanjikum . A northern community with an abhorringly high rate of suicide and despair.

A sort of kick-off to Christmas. In our culture we know that Christmas is about giving, but we often completely miss the mark by just giving stuff to each other instead of giving to people and places where a gift could actually make a difference. I'd like to see Christmas become the time of year where the giant differences in the distribution of the world's wealth would shift, even for just a few days. Where the wealthy (us) would give extravagently in meaningful ways.

So, I'll carry on with an African bag on monday.
Have a grand weekend.... I know I will!

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Karla said...

I am so grateful that you will be honoring Phoenix Sinclair this week. She deserves it... and so much more.