Friday, December 5, 2008

Eye of The TIger

Finale to Africa week(s).
This Barundi fabric is so dynamic that I could use it several more times and not tire of it. Especially paired with a couch remnant that had to date back to the 50's (thank you, Kim Z for your contribution). It is one of those pieces that I wanted to hoard until just the right moment, which happens to be now.

I like those Barundi swirls so much that I used it on the inside and the outside.


(am I understating this at all? I meant to say... Am I overstating this at all?)

The strap is pretty darned terrific too, if I do say so myself. Its from the Republic of Congo.
Well, this week was a total blur. I suppose I'm only going to fall within the marginally normal category when I state that I am feeling overcommitted. Way.
I know its boringly redundant to say that busy thing every December. And every soccer season. And a bunch of days in between. And if I were a handy dandy columnist, I would take the oppurtunity right now to tell you something inspirational about how to take time to smell the pointsettas or something. But I'm a bit cynical that way.
So, go do some manic thing. Just to make yourself marginally normal. And then go tell a bunch of friends how busy you are, and how you have no time, and how overcommitted you are.
It makes such nice variety from all the weather talk.
Try it in a bus shelter near you.
Anyhoo, don't get so busy that you forget to bid on the Eye of the Tiger. Don't forget that it goes to 8 pm, cst and that I'm so busy that you never know how many bags I'll manage to fenangle together next week.
This special offer is time limited. So get busy. Rush yourself a little.
Get it?
Now. run.


Kelli Moore said...

I'll start --- $45.00.
Does this really have to be the Africa finale???

mmichele said...


joyce said...

of course not. I still have all this fabric, you know.
There just may be a few more tiger eyes in the future, along with some other batik-y things.

maybe I'll have to try to find an Africa day most weeks?

shaunak said...

Michele, you and I seem to like the same bags!
Joyce has been hanging on to a bag for me while I try to successfully bid on another one, so they can be shipped together. I am getting pretty close to my shipping cut-off, so am hoping to get another one soon!!

shaunak said...

And, Joyce,
I am all for a weekly Africa day!

esther said...

oh man!!
I really, REALLY like this one!!!
you amaze me joyce :)

Anonymous said...

I love it too, but I blew my budget!
BB's neighbors mom

Ramona said...

Hi again Joyce- this is another beautiful bag! Please please please do more Africa days! I'm needin' to find an African one after Christmas (diaper bagish size for the new little one(s) that I am still praying and waiting for!). Maybe one day I'll get to snag you some African fabric when we get to Ethiopia to ensure the Africa bags continue!
PS Go Shauna - this one is beautiful!

rob said...

120. i am showing you no mercy shaunak.

joyce said...

Bag Fight!
Bag Fight!
Bag Fight!!

(oh, sorry. Was that my "out loud" typing finger?)

Anonymous said...

i like a good fight. first time bidder. $130.00

Anonymous said...

man what a girl misses when she is otherwise up to her proverbials doin'other business.

that sounds naughty and exciting

thankfully Boler Babe lets me live vicariously through her family fun .The photos of your sojourn into bonding thru crafts kids booze and fire just are the absolute best of friendship and family.
when kids look happy in that real not flaky way-that says it all

your bags continue to haunt me,
even when I am not in the bidding state of mind
take care of yourself
your bags and wit even the darker crunchie bits serve those of us who linger on your site to visit and ponder......

fancy ..and yes it is a lame identity but I am one of those poor children who never even had a nickname in grade school and the ones from university and work are delicious just not repeatable.I am open to cool suggestions

shaunak said...

Wow, people REALLY wanted this bag!
I am having such a difficult time getting back her at 8:00 (6:00 my time, so there are usually three hungry kids pulling at my pantleg)but I am happy to see that the bags are bringing in what they deserve!
I wouldn't mind one more last minute bidding war, though. There is always next week...

rob said...

next time

(rob was me)

i just NEVER get on the computer at 8 pm!!!

mmichele said...

that is. michele

Brian the Mennonite said...

Looks like it's Gin at $130.00. Joyce is out again tonight. Please contact her at for delivery and payment details. Thnaks.

joyce said...

thnacks? Where's the thnacks?
I'm a little rumbly in my tumbly.

Anonymous said...

Ok so now I have the right to say I've been too busy to check your blog!! Busy busy busy it's the song of our society!! Deck the halls with busy busy, Fa la la la la la la la la...Did I get enough las in there?