Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Testimonial... (so don't bid!)

Its not as exciting as France...
But Yours Till Day Breaks came to Tampa with us last week. It was constantly crammed with diapers, towels, clothes (usually water and sand logged) food, rocks, shells, and sticks, and a plastic pail that my son called Bucket Head in it 24/7 (that is when Bucket Head wasn’t in the ocean). It had waffles stuck in it, milk dumped on it, juice poured over it, and boogers wiped all over it (my son got a cold and when we ran out of wipes and I ran out of dry space on my shirt and pants….)

This is just a long was of saying I got so many compliments on the bag (I told everyone your web address), the stitching held up, and after a round in the washing machine it is as good as new!

Thank you for such a wonderful bag,



Anonymous said...

What a lovely testimonial.

P.S. I might have used mine for boogers, too. Hee hee.

Jennifer P said...

I love my bag! Now back in Winnipeg it's crammed with trains, stale Goldfish, and of course, Bucket Head.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the testimonial -- complete with pics.
Schwester Mary