Monday, December 1, 2008


Welcome back to celebrating Africa.
I've never actually been on safari, but if I had, these would have been the elephants that I saw.

Its fun to have them in blue and ivory for the fun of fabric combining.

The inside has some pictures of Africa that were repurposed from a fabric placemat. Opposite is an elephant.

13" deep and 14" across.
Bids as usual until 8 pm, cst.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bag Joyce! My Mom loved
her bag. Loretta

bygeorge! said...

fantastic. says K.Bird.
$50 says Boler Babe... just to get the party started!

shaunak said...

My daughter wants this one for her principal. It is gorgeous!


gloria said...

gosh this is pretty. if i had cash, this is where i would spend it today

shaunak said...

Hey Joyce,

I am wondering where the outside piece of fabric is from - the elephants?

joyce said...

the blue elephants are from Mr Fancy Upholstery Sample Guy.
The inside Africa piece says Southern Africa- Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Ruins and Kruger Park.
It was from the thrift shop.

Anonymous said...

Amazing bag Joyce! I have been watching and longing for another! Love, love, love the elephants!

Kelli Moore said...


Roo said...

sweeter then sugar.

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Kelli Moore said...

Arg. $79

Anonymous said...


joyce said...

Kim Possible- you have yourself a bag.


Gary said...

Oh Man! I can't believe I missed this one! It is lovely. I didn't realize that you made these so fast and held auctions so frequently. I'll have to be better about checking.

Anonymous said...

i want this bag...but not in blue...I hate blue....BUT love elephants