Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I wasn't kidding last week when I said that I was using all the online excitement to spur me on to making another bag from Lee's gorgeous batik.
I really, really like the way it looks with the image of the woman off to one side of the flap like that. This bag also shows off her arms, and whatever it is that she is doing with them. Something confident and self-assured and wonderful, I'm sure. I used some batik scraps for the side panel pockets, and a fuzzy warm chocolate brown for the back of the bag.

I also made this one more of a handbag size (11 by 14"); with an adjustable shoulder strap as always.

Look at those powerful hips!
Look at that wonderful art on the fabric itself. It must be some sort of wax batik, because of the distinctly waxy feel that the piece has even after a full laundering.
I am moderately obsessed with "Tears of the Desert" right now, which is why this bag is named Halima. She is called "the new Anne Frank" on the cover, and I think that is an apt descriptor.
You should all read this book. It takes you into the life of a happy village girl in Darfur, Sudan before the genocide, and then carries you all the way through. (I"m just past the happy part myself, and cringing at what's all to come...)
Please bid on this bag so that we can do a tiny little something for people just like you and I who ought to be having their own families around them, their own culture, their own community... But who now find themselves in refugee camps surrounded by people of all sorts of cultures (not in the folklorama sense) and hostilites with the constant threat of the janjiweed (sp?) coming through once again with more rape and murder.
We are unbelievably priveleged. We can enjoy art and choices and relationships. With great privelege ought to come great responsibility.
(Now that whole sermon was not meant as a trip to get high bids on the bag. Bid if you like the bag, or just leave me a comment so that I have something to look forward to today besides potty training...)
The auction will conclude at 8 pm, cst. The bids should open with $45.00 please, and go up by whole numbers.


gophercheeks said...

My heart feels responsible.... $50

I am definitely getting this book.

esther said...

so does mine...$70

Karla said...

You must all read this book. I appreciated the way more than half the book focusses on painting a picture of Darfur before the genocide began - the beauty, the joy, the richness, the humour, the laughter... because it's only when you understand what Darfur was like before the genocide that you gain a deeper sense of what the genocide has cost them.

Anonymous said...

The book, the bag say it all.
Thankfully, I received this book as a gift and I deeply treasure one of Joyce's blessed bags.
Please, everyone who reads this blog, read this courageous book and pursue these Darfur bags until you own one too. You will be enlightened in both mind and spirit
and become part of something truly special.
A Fan

Unknown said...

Plummy bag, Joyce!

jb said...

oh i SO wish i could bid on this bag... sigh.
it's just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I know I probably shouldn't bid on this one either. However,I have a pin on my coat that is a perfect match for this dancing woman. With fingers crossed, I am in for $75. Grandma M

joyce said...

And why NOT?!
You jsut saved yourself shipping, since I can send both bags at once.
Congrats, and thank you!

Anonymous said...

Is Halima having her period as well, looks like a heavy one.