Thursday, January 22, 2009


Mirage. It's what my alarm clock looked like this morning. And not in a romantic way.
Hence, I included the blurry picture on the right. It sort of captures the thing- me, bleary. The bag? blurry.
I'm all right now, I'm munching on flax bread toast with crunchy peanut butter and grandma's homemade plum jam, and I'm into my second cup of java. All is well in my world.

"Mirage" is also the name on one of the fabric care labels from the pieces I used on the flap of this bag. I pieced together several small sample pieces (fancy sample guy) for a beige on beige effect. I always enjoy removing the care labels and reading about the piece. This one says: "Jacquard woven in Belgium. 51% linen, 49%viscose, moire finish.". Pair that with a furry piece off a thrift shop throw cushion; Some ancient buttons, a few of granny's hankies, and a tone on tone beige body, and you get Mirage.
I'm going to let you in on one of my top marketing secrets this morning. Think of it as a sort of tutorial, if you will. You notice that I included a photo of the inside of the bag, containing one of my favourite breakfasts: red river cereal. On the right, you'll see a box of Raisin Bran.
Here's the secret: I use these boxes to give the bags some shape for their early morning photo op. Yesterday was a Two Scoops kinda day. Today, more of a Red River.
I bet you feel like you've been let into some sort of secret club or something.

I used that bit of encouragement from the other day to continue my hacking up and sharing of the hankie stash. I do have an impressive stash, but some of them seem so wonderful- too wonderful to risk someone not loving them.

One more top secret: This bag is Mirage... But it is not a mirage! (oooh, she's clever today...)
This is truly a handbag size (10 by 12 inches)
Bids taken until and including 8 pm cst, blogger time.


Anonymous said...

You are so creative & very witty this morning. Lovely bag! Carol S

Melanie said...

This bag is even more gorgeous in person!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ahh... it is a "grandma's chewy poridge" size bag. such clarity.
love stopping in. lovely bag Joyce.
I could squeeze the start price out of my budget.. so I will start, and leave the game to others.
boler babe

Anonymous said...

ha ha..
rosa - get to work!

Anonymous said...

so muted I love it
$50 please said Fancy

christine said...

I would personally like to be a mirage today... so
as an attempt to slap myself back to reality, I'd like to bid

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the neutrals! But I'm still so heartbroken that I forgot to check in yesterday and missed out on halima...
oh well. there's always next wednesday. got any more of that fabric?

Kelli Moore said...

I'm going in for 57. Joyce, you got me with the hankies. . .

Anonymous said...

somehow the soft colours just get to me

for those who know me this would be a surprise as sublty is not my strong suite

My sister framed a series of hankies in a shadow box for my mom and this so reminds me of my aunt who was so gentile

I will bid $65 for my aunt annie


Anonymous said...

ok i cannot spell which should be handy when I get my sh** together and learn to text.

i meant to say genteel

my aunt was a godlovin, died in the wool presbyterian
who had no expose to other faiths other than those stuck up Anglicans

oh for spell check that can read my mind
i thought rump trumping was bad

joyce said...

$65, aunt annie!
send me a note at
Tell me who and where you are.

Jennifer P said...

ARGH! 2 hours too late. I'm digging the white and beige. Is there more of the same to come? Please?

Anonymous said...

i'm loving the bags...when are you going to be posting more?? i'd like to bid sometime!!