Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, we're back into another week.
This bag combines the soothing pallette of beiges and tans with a splash of raspberry colour. The elephants and the jaguar are heading in the same direction, and we can assume that wherever they are is warmer than here. (Can you tell I'm growing weary of the indoors?)
I used some neckties to form the shoulder strap- always a personal favourite. Other details are the lovely abolone buckle and the fringey bit along the bottom.
This is a fair sized bag- large enough to use for books or as a diaper bag.
In February, I am going to be posting four bags per week. I think it will help to make the winter go away and the days of green grass, walks to the park, and sandy, sandy feet from the sandbox.
Also, after reading "Tears of the Desert", I feel compelled to do more. If its true that everyone is our neighbour, then there's a lot of casseroles that we ought to be cooking up for the hungry. A lot of coats and blankets we ought to be sharing.
I deeply appreciate the people who come to this site and participate in this project. Without you, I'd just be an itchy woman in a room jam-packed with reclaimed fabrics, wondering what the heck. As it is, we can combine many elements of concern to do good all around us. You all keeping me at the sewing machine keeps me happy. And that's just a small part.
Bids start at $45.00 Canadian, and carry on from there until 8 pm, cst.


Anonymous said...

i am pretty new to this, but i would love this bag...$45.


Tracy Hamon said...

I love it. $65

esther said...

great bag joyce!

Anonymous said...

$70... beautiful!

joyce said...

hey Bee- the bag is yours for $70!
send me an e-mail to

Please tell me your name and your location.

Katie, and Tracy- please come back! New postings tomorrow and thursday...