Wednesday, February 18, 2009



1. slow and heavy: moving in a slow, heavy, and often clumsy or awkward way.......the heavy elephantine tread of his feet

Sometimes, that's just the best we can do in this life. Plod through some days in this elephantine way.

There you have it (Karen..). That Special K box. So, no confusion on whether we measure in imperial or metric! Note the space above our cereal box- it's actually larger than the box.
I used some special pieces in this bag. The bottom panel is a repurposed quilt that I've enjoyed for several years, either under the Christmas tree, or over my eldest who favoured it on her bed.

The elephant piece is quite special. My sister brought it home for me from some far away country, and unfortunately i don't remember which one. It has lovely sequins sewn into it and lots of great colours.

Note the hand stitching on the yellow face piece of the bag. That's the other side of the quilt that I mentioned previously. There is something wonderful and beautiful about all those tiny little stiches. I like to think of women working together and loving one another when see fine quilting like this. The side panel pocket is a great piece of orange corduroy that reminds me of when Rose's son was a little wee babe and had pants and a jacket made of that fabric. I think this is the last remnant.

There's a lovely close-up of that gold stitching and sequin detailing.
Bids begin at $45.00 Cdn, as usual, and carry on until 8 pm, cst.


Anonymous said...

crazy pretty!
bb.(and now I must get my elephantine *** in gear... would that be correct usage?)

esther said...

oh, that one is so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

First time for me. Hopefully it will work.

joyce said...

hi first time! welcome here.

Kelli Moore said...

$52. Yes, it's very pretty. And I love the elephants.

christine said...

oh my word.
i love the size and the colors...
i'm trying to think if i have any special
days dedicated to me coming up...
i need some cash real fast.

joyce said...

OBL you did it!