Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apron Tote

Once upon a time, there was a bedspread; a set of kitchen curtains, a fancy apron, a striped dress belonging to Loretta, a hammock, and a tie-dyed smock.

They all got together and decided to become a unified front.
(and back, and inside, and strap, and.........)

That scalloped edge is from the apron. It goes nicely with the kitchen curtain.

Can't stop loving the chennille...

That's the bag inside out. What you actually see is three pockets- the green is large. Behind it, the apron piece forms another pocket, but there is a third, small pocket on the inside of the scallop. Nice for a phone and keys.

The scalloped apron edge forms another pocket on the other side.
Please start this auction with $25- Cdn and we'll see where things go until 7:00 am, cst, Thursday, May 21.


Rosa said...

Hey hey hey recognize that coffee grinder fabric. awesome bag favorite part the pretty little apron. Good morning Joyce. Got coffee yet?

jb said...

i bid $30.00

jb said...

so i take it i won? yipee! :)