Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Summer fallow.
My dad told me that's what they did in the olden days to return nutrients to the soil of the land that grew our wheat and barley. Every few years, a field would not be re-sown in spring. Instead the soil would be turned over, and then be left to God and nature to restore itself in sun and wind and solitude.

Darfur Bags (the blog) was born in March of 2008. That's fifteen months, three-hundred and twenty posts, several hundred bags, and about thirteen and a half thousand dollars ago.

$13, 632.00 to be exact. With some more cheques on their way, I'm sure. (the cheque is in the mail, right?) It certainly took a village and then some to accomplish that. It has been a pleasure and a thrill to spin some straw into gold, and I've had the privelege of meeting some really special people along the way.

We've sold a lot of bags around here. And I've got enough supplies to make up a whole lot more. This is where the hiatus comes in. Time to re-energize those creative juices. Time to sew for the sheer (shear?) joy of it. What am I saying exactly? That after May 29, (next week Friday) this blog is going on furlough. I don't know for how long.

It's time to let it go and see where it leads to. That feels kind of sad and scarey but it also feels like the right decision.

What about all that wonderful fabric?
Well, I'm not about to quit sewing. What I'm looking forward to is the rejuvination that my sewing machine and my creative spirit are craving. Trying out some new stuff. Entertaining the notion of employing other venues. Letting go of fear of change, and finding a few minutes of freedom to remember the other parts of myself, my faith in God, and the possibilities that still remain.

When I have some brainwaves, or a long enough rest, or some brilliant epiphany; you can always find me at Chronicles of Blunderview. There's also a facebook group called Bags For Darfur that you're welcome to join.

The people of Darfur still need our support. I'm hoping for some renewal and the good that will come of it.

I can always be contacted at (which has the same destination as Or you might just find me fallow in some prairie farmer's field. Soaking in the sun, the wind, and the solitude.


Anonymous said...

Well deserved - this break is.
I for one am eager and excited to see what new ideas and passions and dreams will "spring forth" in you during this time.
Rest easy.


tanya said...

Enjoy the rest Joyce, although something tells me there's not going to be a lot of actual resting going on. I'm sure going to miss seeing all your talent displayed day after day, but I'm sure my husband who keeps tripping on the bags I leave lying around the house will not be sad that the temptation is out of the way for a while...of course that won't stop him from tripping on the existing bags.

svea said...

lovely thing to do sweet joyce, rest your self good and deep, and let the creative juices flow wherever they lead. Big hugs to you! You and God did a really good thing in the last year! woo hooooO!

Roo said...

shabbat shalom my friend. xo

Anonymous said...

Well done my friend! Be sure, that we all feel you deserve to have time to find new energy for what is to come in your life's journey. Hmm, I wonder what is a good food for getting the creative juices flowing? Maybe start with a margarita? xo BBNM

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog for six months now and love it. it has inspired me. i have been striving to do an act of service a week for a year. Thanks for helping me be better person. Have a nice break!

joyce said...

I would like to hear more about that.
I wonder if anybody would be willing to send me e-mail or comment about "paying it forward"?

Anonymous said...

A well deserved rest!
Will there be any bags posted between now and May 29th?

coffeeloves said...

peace to you.
smiles your way.
it was last june that I met you,
and i'm a better person because of it.

gophercheeks said...

Dido that Coffeeloves!!

Joyce, I honor you for this amazing accomplishment and hope that no matter what you do with your precious time, that you just do what your heart LOVES! I will continue to gush over my bags and brag about you to the many admirers who ask me " Did you make that bag?".
Thank you for being a huge inspiration in my life and for feeding so many thousands of people.
Many blessings to you and your family!