Friday, May 8, 2009

Somewhere In The World... Is Spring

Okay, so here is the last of the great postal worker tote bags.
What I mean is that after this; the two tablecloths that were given to the project by our local postal worker will be exhausted. Not the postal worker. The fabric. The postal worker is tireless; I am sure of it.

Great colours, no?

And great daisies.
We've already had spring in Manitoba. It was on Wednesday, adn I'm sorry if you missed it. The sun was out, warming our skin, and we were all moved very nearly to tears out of sheer relief.
Today is snowed.

(bag turned inside out so that you can properly see the pockets.)

I celebrated the return of winter last night by going to the soccer field in a down vest; thick jacket, hat, and quilt. I nearly froze.
Good thing my kid's team won.
Well, I don't normally post a bag on Friday at noon; but then again I don't usually jump ship on one blog to rush off and set up another.
Blogger. hmmmmph.
Bids begin at $25- Cdn. The auction will conclude at midnight tonight, May 8. (cst)


Anonymous said...

25.00 :)


Anonymous said...

hmmm...I can no longer have the posts forwarded to my e-mail so that is going to make the end of day bidding wars complicated. Although, I do have an advantage as your midnight is only my 10p.m. :)


gophercheeks said...


The difference between snow now and snow in October is you know for certain that it is temporary!! That- I can promise.

Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love the bag! $37


Anonymous said...

40 bucks

joyce said...

lovely delivery Christine. Contact:

Anonymous said...

Ok, that "May flowers Take 2" is gorgeous. Alas I have had other priorities in my life and I missed it. See you tomorrow, Joyce.
Schwester Mary