Monday, May 11, 2009


This cool jungle-y fabric came to me through Kim z; a lady with a great eye for bag fabric. It is an upholstery sample- a thick cotton, durable, and refreshing to the eye.

I wanted some of that soothing green on each side; so I used half of each sample piece per side. The alternate colour option becomes the pocket on one side.

A favourite white and red tablecloth forms the shoulder straps.

See? what'd I tell you about the kitty cats thinking this project is all about them?!

Turns out that it's reversible. The fabric I chose for inside pockets are also upholstery samples in thick cotton. This makes for quite a durable bag.

And not bad looking!

The sun is shining, and I think you'll find me and the kidlets outdoors for most of the day.
Meanwhile, you can start bids on this cat sack at $25- Cdn and this party will rage on until 7:00 am cst May 12, 2009.


gophercheeks said...

This has 'camping in the SK north' all over it!! Great fabric and perfect strap piece!! I love it!


joyce said...

yes, I suppose because it reminds you of all those stealthy jaguars in Northern Saskatchewan?

gophercheeks said...

They are stealthy indeed.... unlike the poor chipmunk that sampled the peanut butter on the mouse trap beside my deck the other day.

I think it was the lushness of the bag that made me want to lather up with bug spray and go nap in the hammock!! I would definitely be into camping some time.... congrats on getting a trailer!!

joyce said...

okay, peachy. you just bought a jaguar for $30!
(thank you)