Thursday, October 15, 2009

can you please contact me at Your bid on the shopping tote was the final bid. thank you.

In other news.... No progress on the laptop- in fact things are looking grim. If you pray, then please ask God if he would just restore the stuff on the laptop. There will be an awful lot lost if that doesn't happen.

This computer is very frustrating, and doesn't move images around on the blog unless you have some secret magical powers that I was evidently not blessed with. So, although I have a mid-sized red velvet bag with buttons in the shape of a heart..... I can't really show it to you right now.

I'm sorry. I hope everyone has more patience in this life than I.


Anonymous said...

Joyce - there is a computer 'hero' in Brandon. His shop is across from the bus depot on 6th street.
Can't remember the name, but seriously, he recovered everything - when another shop had failed...

Roo said...

irk. xo

Anonymous said...

Joyce I know that computer problems are not fun so I thought I might try to take your mind off them. I wanted to tell you how wonderful the bag is that I got last week. Marty brought it home and I have to say that the pictures did not even do it justice. I still can't believe that you thought about not posting it. All of us here are enjoying it's loveliness. Thanks.