Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yeah, that's what I said. It just came to me yesterday when I was trying to remember how to dump photos on Brian's computer because my laptop is in the hospital having some kind of procedure to extract 57 pounds of pet hair and crumbs out of its componants.

I've gotten spoiled with that laptop, handy little thing that it is. It helps me multi-task while I'm multi-tasking. Brian bought it for my fortieth birthday... oh..... about two years ago. What a great gift.

Were you here about a bag?

Those photos are all about the pockets. I flipped the bag inside out to show you an accurate view of their layout. The photo immediately above shows the pocket beneath the flap.

Somehow the cold wind and snow remind me of my stash of ancient neckties.

A bit of trivia about the pieces used in Oobleck. The brown/turquoise hippy looking fabric is a personal sacrifice. A few years back I found one of those peasanty dresses with the smocked neckline, shirred waist and armbands, long to the ground, with a ruffle on the bottom. I meant to repair all the shirring and wear it. I didn't quite have the confidence to pull that off. It reminded me of a woman who wore a nightie to church; feeling beautiful and believing that it was a really special dress.
So, I cut it in the middle, creating a top and a skirt.
Never got around to figuring out that whole shirring business.
The skirt part is still hanging around my sewing room, and I still have dubious intentions about fixing and wearing it. The top of the dress went into this bag.
Sometimes a girl has just got to face facts.

This is a medium sized messenger style bag. That makes it around 10" x 11".
The body is constructed from a very soft and yummy looking upholstery sample. You wouldn't think those samples would be soft, but think microfiber or something along those lines.
The turqoise band employs one of my other hoarded faves- a piece of perfectly turquoise velvet found some time ago. You put the words "turquoise" and "velvet" together in a sentence and you just might see me quiver.
Bids on Oobleck begin at $25- Cdn.
The auction will close at 9:30 pm cst today, October 14, 2009.
* don't forget about checking out another great online fundraiser for Darfur: Made4Aid.


PamJ said...

really lovin it. gonna start high. $50. more than worth it.

esther said...

really, really great bag, joyce. love the blue and brown combo :)

Karla said...

This one is simply unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous bag.


Katie from Victoria

joyce said...

well gosh, thank you people.
I myself have no taste. I never seem to know which bag is "unbelievable" as Karla so generously suggested.

(By the way. My laptop is in the hospital and I"m having trouble accessing e-mails from this computer. Be patient with me if I appear to be ignoring you....)

joyce said...

just FYI... I am absolutely pooped. I can't even stay up until 9:30 pm, so I will check in tomorrow morning....

nighty night.

Roo said...

sooo pretty! sweet dreams joyce!

joyce said...

Katie from Victoria- you are the next contestant on the price is right! e-mail re-joyce@mts.net with your mailing address, please. Be patient with me, as I am having some trouble with my computer and don't get to e-mails as efficiently as I would like.

innanyc1 said...

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Anonymous said...

i love this one! especially because of the tie. :)