Monday, October 26, 2009

French Vanilla

Having a whole weekend that was not overbooked afforded me time and energy to retake photos, upload them the slow and ridiculous way, and even finish off some partially completed bags. That feels good.

I continue to experiment with pockets. This one has two large inside pockets, and two small inside pockets, as well as a third large pocket underneath the front flap.

I'd also like to introduce for the first time: labels! (Have we just gone brand name?!)

This bag has a lot of special details. The four buttons. The variety of beige tones. And a strap that employs an old hand embroidered pillowslip.

The body itself is constructed of sturdy upholstery sample pieces. (thank you again, Mr Fancy Upholstery Guy!!) The top of the flap comes from a throw pillow that I bought at the local thrift shop. I did throw it on my couch for a year or so, then took the pillow apart, washed the exterior, and loved that soft fuzzy pile. It's the perfect compliment to the variety of textures beneath it.
This bag measures approximately 14" by 12.5". The shoulder strap is adjustable.
It comes with a packet of Darfur Bag cards. (and that fancy shmancy new label!)
I hope to have a more consistent week with posting bags. There have been a number of logistical challenges lately, and sadly, my laptop is still not back from the repair shop. That doesn't sound good, does it? But there are bags, and with a little patience, I can load the photos onto Brian's computer and get the job done. (not that it's a job- it's just a passion).
Interested in french vanilla? (and not the cappucino variety). Bid here until 9:30 pm, cst, Monday, October 26, 2009. Please start your bids at a minimum $25- Cdn.


tanya said...

I'll start the bidding. $35.

Anonymous said...

Positively Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, it's beautiful Joyce. Looks like a cousin to the Vanilla Bean. If I had unlimited funds, I would definately nab this one.

wendypendy said...

This bag is beautiful, hopefully no one else will like it like I do. I bid $40.00

Jennie C. said...

Lovely. And the new fancy schmancy tags are great.

PamJ said...

love buttons and this french vanilla :)

wendypendy said...

I will up my bid to $45.00

joyce said...

ok Wendy- e-mail me at with your location and we'll communicate about delivery! (thank you)

perrygirl :) said...

Can I order a twin? That is one beautiful bag...I'm sorry I missed it. Next time I'll get someone to babysit the auction for me.

lettuce said...

ooo this is so gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed this bag. It should be made again -- hint, hint. Schwester Mary