Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let's Talk Some Bi'niss...

A couple of posts ago, there was some chit chat in the comments about business cards. Some helpful people left me links for where to order these handy dandy little items, and I did just that.

That got me thinking about little pouches to hold the cards, which got me thinking about a certain brilliant friend who does interesting stuff with fused plastic. She had shared her insights with my daughter Jane- who ate it up and began immediately to hoard all sorts of plastic wrap from all sorts of food products.
While she was away baby-sitting (someone around here has got to work...); I infiltrated her stash of fused plastics and got a little carried away making business card sized envelopes.

Dinner was a little late.
(did we eat dinner?)
Anybody who has ever thought- "I wish I had a bi'niss card in my Darfur bag so that when people ask about it; I could whip that out and give it to them"..... or/and..... "I wish it came in a really neat fused plastic holder that also illustrated the wonders and endlessness of recycling garbage"..........
Tell me so.
Send me your mailing address, and I'll pop some of those in the mail for you.

In Other News:
Some pictures of a special project. (this item is not up for sale)
I might know someone whose mother received a lambskin leather coat as a gift from her husband in the 50's or 60's. (? correct me if I am wrong, VC)
It was dyed in the most beautiful turqoise colour and was exquisately soft to the touch. It was in nearly perfect condition, and had lots of potential.

So I wrecked it.
I cut it up and turned part of it into something else.

! I love it.
The button closure is the front of the coat, re-envisioned. The curvey bit on the right is the coat's lapel.

With a bird, the effect is soft and dreamy.

On the inside of the flap is the original lining.
Lined with a vintage tablecloth; history meets history.
The young lady who owned the coat? She's eighty-eight this year.
She's going to get this bag for her birthday from her daughter and granddaughter.
I just love this story, and couldn't keep it to myself.
**Please remember that this bag is not for sale, and that the post beneath this one, which pictures a tote bag is still on auction until friday evening, October 9, 2009**


tanya said...

WOW! that bag's AMAZING! I'd love to blow my birthday wad on that one. I'd also like some business cards.

Roo said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. so brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful, so creative and what a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce,
I love that bag. I feel priviledged to have been able to see it in real!

I have had MANY comments about my new bag while driving down the lovely Oregon coast. I sure could have used those business cards, but everyone got the story of what you do for those less fortunate and were encouraged to check out your blog. Maybe you'll get some new bidders!

Anonymous said...

ohhh. that is enough to wish to be 88!
and you tell Jane to just keep hoarding and fusing!

bvrooks said...

Love those business cards Joyce! (and the little plastic holders too of course!) If you haven't shipped my bag yet could you please include a couple. That would be great!
BTW, did my email with my address come through okay 'cuz I haven't received a reply with a mailing address for your $$.


joyce said...

I am having some trouble with my laptop, and don't find the time to bring it in for repair. Sorry if your e-mails appear to be ignored... hopefully I'll get this resolved soon.

My mailing address:
box 1018
Niverville, Mb
Roa 1E0

For shipping, please include $10.


Jenni said...

i love the business cards, and i LOVE the bag. i'll be in touch when i'm in your part of the country!

esther said...

lovely story for a lovely bag. :)